New Pressed Penny Designs Debut for Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 20th Anniversary

For those of you who collect the pressed pennies from around the Walt Disney World Resort can rejoice! There’s brand new designs now available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, just in time for their 20th Anniversary celebration. Our buddies from The Lion King, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa adorn these latest creations, with Simba and Timon looking like their sassy selves, and Pumbaa being just as jolly as always!

If you’re not a pressed penny collector, but want to be, there’s plenty of places to find them throughout the Walt Disney World Resort!

For specific coin press locations, there’s an entire list found on the Walt Disney World website!

If you’re heading to Animal Kingdom next weekend, why not join in the fun of the WDWCelebrations “Two Wild Decades” event celebrating the anniversary? Meet Tom, Jason, and Adam Roth, and have a great weekend of fun. More details at!

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