Permits Filed to Clear Land at Probable Star Wars Hotel Location

A permit was filed today with the South Florida Water Management District for “Project H” to clear the land of vegetation and stockpile fill. While we don’t yet know what “Project H” is, the site specified in the permit is directly adjacent to the new Star Wars land under construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This site (shown in green) is a 9.5 acre plot of land directly across the entrance road from the show buildings being erected in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and is a likely spot for the location of the new Star Wars hotel.

The site is directly south of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and would be just below the show buildings shown in this construction photo.

Last April, WDWNT broke the news that a new Star Wars-themed boutique hotel was being considered for Walt Disney World. Disney’s Chairman of Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products Bob Chapek then confirmed this rumor at the D23 Expo last summer.

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  1. Disney needs to STOP building more rooms, and START building A LOT more attractions. Even another theme park all together. The 4 they have are over-run, and very under staffed, very under built for the masses of people.

      1. NOT at Disney. Less staffing equals more profit. They will staff the hotel enough to make basic needs and get people checked in though. Customer experience does not matter so much at Walt Disney World. We were at park today, packed, half of restaurant areas, turnstiles, stuff like that closed. Very cheap.

    1. This hotel is also an attraction. Don’t like it? Go to Six Flags and enjoy their rusty crap.

      1. Not it’s not also an attraction, Disney hasn’t really ‘added’ many attractions in the last 20 years! Just changed a few over, while they have well more than doubled their hotels. A way to create supply and demand from poorly run WDW management. Six Flags is maintained well beyond Disney standards.

        1. Animal Kingdom opened less than 20 years ago. In a less than ten year period you will see New Fantasyland, Pandora, two new rides in Epcot, Toy Story Land, Star Wars Land, Tron Coaster, and an immersive hotel that is basically a theme park you will live in. Saying Disney has not added attractions does not hold water. Must be a Comcast stockholder.

  2. Another hotel/motel. Come on Disney. How about more rides? Stuff to do for the increasing masses, paying more, getting less quality? “Standing in lines” is not an ‘experience’. Sorry. The few rides coming to the parks hardly hold a candle to what they cut out in sheer capacity. And meanwhile, the number of rooms has doubled. Silly.

    1. And meanwhile you guys whine and whine while still giving them your money. Very effective.

  3. I have to agree with the majority of the comments already posted. I know this is going to be a “completely immersive experience”, but WDW does need to start providing more attractions in the parks. And I know I know, they are building Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxy Edge and a few more in Epcot, but based on the insane amount of people I’ve seen over my last few visits, this won’t be enough.

    When I was younger, back in thelate 80s through 90s, my brother and I used to love waiting in the cue lines for rides, BUT, that was when you never saw a line longer than 60 minutes and it was constantly moving. These lines today, mainly because of FastPass, are usually at an absolute DEAD stop and therefore account for huge chunks of time out of the day. Some park capacity problems need fixed before more hotels need built.

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