UPDATE: PHOTO: First Look at Pixar Characters Appearing on Mickey’s Fun Wheel Gondolas

Update: We were able to get a much better photo without shadows, and you can see the Dory gondola much better! You can also clearly see the “Pixar Pier” text on the doors. It certainly looks like the orange gondola under the tarp has not yet been started, and you can see a blue and a purple gondola without any graphics on them.

Although it’s grainy, we have managed to capture one of the first photos of the Mickey’s Fun Wheel gondolas with new Pixar characters. The blue gondola on the right of the picture has artwork of Dory.

The gondolas, sitting near a warehouse in an undisclosed location, are currently undergoing refurbishment and addition of Pixar characters. The gondolas were removed in January for refurbishment and to allow for easier repainting of the wheel itself.

It appears that not all of the gondolas are finished, as you can also plainly see a Goofy gondola in the picture, still awaiting reinstallation. Mickey’s Fun Wheel is scheduled to reopen June 23 with the rest of Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure.

We apologize for the low quality of the photo. We’re trying to get better photos to bring to you.

To get a sneak peek at Pixar Pier, see our photos from the Blue Sky Cellar, or take a look at the video below.