CONFIRMED: Bus Wait Times Coming to the My Disney Experience App for Walt Disney World Resort Guests

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Yesterday we showed you some icons that may be appearing soon in the My Disney Experience app that would seem to indicate that bus arrival times will be a new feature added to the app in a future update.

Today, we have some screenshots to share with you of the actual My Disney Experience app showing the actual information you will see when the bus arrival times feature goes live.

It appears that you will need an active resort reservation in order to see the bus times option. From your “My Reservation” screen, you’ll tap the “See Bus Times” icon to access the bus arrival times.

This will then bring you to the “Next Bus Times” screen, where it shows the departure location (presumably your current location), and the estimated arrival time of the next bus to each of the theme parks.

For destinations where the bus time is not available (due to a glitch in the system or something similar), the time will just say “Every 20 Minutes.” For destinations that do not have a direct bus route from your location, the app will tell you where to go to transfer to another bus for your desired destination. Busses to Disney Springs are also included in the app, just like on the screens at the bus stops at the resort.

And note there is the usual disclaimer that times are subject to change.

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  • Any indication when this might start? Think we might be looking at days, weeks, months? (We’re going 4/25 – 5/3, hence the question.)

    When reading the first article yesterday, my first thought was that this might be a nice addition, but wondered how useful. It wouldn’t affect when we leave the park necessarily (and not sure whether it works both ways, or only to the parks, not back to resort). I realized this would be particularly useful though when trying to figure out when to leave the room and head down to the bus stop. If it’s clearly going to be a while, maybe no rush. If we see that a bus is coming in minutes, we can hurry everyone up (yeah right – wishful thinking) and try to get to the bus stop.

  • I have a Disney reservation. But my app does not show a bus times option under my reservations. :-/

  • This is one of the biggest thing I have complained about in the app. Always thought it should have at least a basic bus schedule. If this is out for my late May trip I’m a happy camper.

  • I hope that you’ll be able to see bus times from all resorts and not just the one you are reserved at. If I’m staying at YC, am spending the day at AK and go to AKL for lunch I hope it will show me buses from AKL back to AK or other parks, not just buses leaving from BW.

  • This is a welcome feature! I would love to see the addition of a screen at the parks’ bus depots listing the times as well- similar to the resort bus stop screens.

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