PHOTO REPORT: Coronado Springs Ramps-Up Expansion; Massive New Building Taking Shape

Coronado Springs resort is currently undergoing a massive expansion that is adding a fifteen story tower and a restaurant on the water, in addition to numerous other upgrades. We stopped by this weekend to see how things are progressing.

Entering the resort isn’t really pretty right now; the new tower stands just beyond the current entrance. The current main parking lot view gives you an idea of how tall the new main building will be alongside the current. It’s not even topped-off yet.

Restaurant on the Lake/Connecting Bridges

Construction has begun on footers for the restaurant/bar on the lake. There will be three bridges connecting the resort together, culminating at the restaurant in the middle.




There is still a lot of work yet to be done, so it’s a good thing they have well over a year left in the project time frame.

Main Building

A lot of the paint on the main building’s architectural features has been stripped down, and it’s ready to be repainted. We’re glad to see the old building getting some TLC, and not being forgotten while the expansion is going on.

You can see some blue painter’s tape attached to the upper walls. The dark blue was recently painted.


The Fifteen Story Tower

Pictures don’t do justice to showcase how massive this building really is.


The four columns are easily visible through the shallow building. Below is a glance at the concept art for the main lobby, which matches up with the columns pictured above. Previously, we had video of the Coronado Springs preview center which includes concept art for this area, displayed below. You can watch that full video here.


There’s a makeshift bridge to help guests get to their rooms without interfering with the ongoing construction.

That elevator shaft says 8 on top, meaning that the 14th floor is currently the one being constructed towards the middle of the building. It will top out at a whopping 15 stories, giving awesome views across Walt Disney World.

Summer 2019 is the expected completion date of the new areas. We’ll bring you more coverage as construction continues at Coronado Springs resort!


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2 years ago

Wow, the new Biff’s is coming along nicely!! :)

2 years ago
Reply to  DJ

I wish I could give this a thumbs up!

2 years ago

That’s a lot more rooms for no extra space for attractions or fun stuff for them to do. Disney overdue for massive expansion, at least 2 more theme parks for number of rooms they’re adding.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tonya

Pandora, Toy Story Land, Star Wars Land, numerous others attractions on the way including Tron Coaster, GOTG Coaster, Ratatouille attraction, Mickey’s Railway, etc. etc.

Good point Tonya