PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Pixar Fest (4/14/18 Splash Mountain, Star Wars Construction, Pizza Planet, Etc.)

Pixar Fest is in full swing at the Disneyland Resort! Let’s go take a look at everything there is to offer!

Galaxy’s Edge

Starwarsland construct 41418

Lines to get into the structure are fairly long during the morning.

Starwarsland construct 41418 3

Galaxy’s Edge is coming along quickly, but I’m sure there’s still a ton of work to be done!

Starwarsland construct 41418 6Starwarsland construct 41418 7Starwarsland construct 41418 8

Tram area

The welcome sign has been changed to Pixar related pals, showcasing Pixar Fest.

Tram Area DL Naples Construction 41418While riding the tram, you can see Naples coming along.

Naples construction 41618Disney espnade 41418

Pixar Fest!

Pixar Fest Sign DL 41418

Now through September 3rd, you can see Disneyland and Disney California Adventure all decked out in all things Pixar!

Disney gallery pic DL 41418AP merch pixar fest DL 41418

The Disney Gallery is home to all things Annual Passholder related! Pixar Fest has these exclusive goodies for Passholders!

Pixar fest decor 41418 DL

A wild banner can be spotted across the way while walking through Main Street.

Pixar fest decor DL 41418

Main street sign DL 41418

Rose Gold Minnie ears got so popular that Disney had to add extra precautions so no-one would steal them.

Rose gold ears DL 41418 Rose gold ears DL 41418 2

Pixar Pins DL 41418

Pixar Pins are being showcased in Main Street’s Pin store.

Main street ice cream sign

In Main Street Ice Cream Parlor, you can find the all perfect Salted Carmel Pecan Sundae! If you’re a lover of caramel, I definitely recommend this sundae!

Dreyers Ice cream pixar fest signJolly holiday sign DL

Jolly Holiday Bakery is offering specialty eclairs and a themed adventure tart from Up!

Jolly holiday pixar foods sign DL Jolly holiday pixar fest foodSully popcorn bucket DL Pixar Fest

If you’re coming to Pixar Fest, you cannot forget about the lovable Sulley popcorn buckets!

Capichino cart DL

Across from the partner statue, you’re graced with the presence of the dole whip donut and a grape slush!

Mike slush Sign Pixar fest DL Mike slush machine DL pixar festDL mainstreet vechicleNew orleans DL 2

Early in the morning, New Orleans isn’t very crowded. Maybe it’s because all of the crowds are waiting in line for that dole whip donut.

New OrleansNew Orleans DLMark Twain DL 41418

haunted mansion crowds

Splash Mountain

Splash mt 41418 4

After many months of refurb, Splash Mountain’s time to shine was finally here! After the announcement of the mountain opening on April 14th, crowds raced to ride this attraction, but the ride has been having some bugs and has held off re-opening the attraction till later in the week.

Splash mt 41418 2

After speaking to a cast member about this tragedy, they clued us in with all the insider information. The ride was working just fine yesterday, but these bugs arose earlier that morning. Chances of the ride re-opening during the week are high, so keep hope!

Splash mt 41418 3Poohs corner sign

In Pooh’s Corner, all things sweet for Pixar Fest can be found!

Poohs corner interiorPixar fest cake pops

Aren’t these cake pops so adorable?!

Poohs empty meet and greets 3

If you’re looking for a Winnie the Pooh background for photos, just outside Pooh’s Corner you’re greeted with the emptiness of Pooh and his friends photo-ops. These would make a great background if you’re ever Disney bounding as Winnie the Pooh, or even during Dapper Day!

Poohs empty meet and greets 2 Poohs empty meet and greetsaladdins oasis sign

We’re all waiting for the transformation that’s awaiting Aladdin’s Oasis to the brand new dining place named “The Tropical Hideaway”, but for now, the unused space is just used as a one-person bathroom.

Aladdins oasis 41418

Up and away to Tomorrowland!

Tomorrowland signStar comand sign DL

Little Green Men Store Command is where you can find Pixar Fest Merch!

Pixar Fest merch 41418 DL 4Pixar Fest merch 41418 DL Pixar Fest merch 41418 DL 2 Pixar Fest merch 41418 DL 3Pixar Fest merch 41418 DL 5

Red Rockett’s Pizza Port

Pizza Port Sign DL 41418

Disney managed to pull together a whole new menu, along with new exterior and interior designs in a matter of a week. Let’s take a look at how they did!

Pizza port sign back DL

Looking behind the sign, the Alien Pizza Planet is covering the old Red Rockett’s Pizza Port sign with 3 pieces of wire. That doesn’t seem very permanent.

Pizza port back DL sign Pizza Port menuEnterance to pizza port DL

Pizza Port Walls DL 41418

The outside doesn’t look all that different.

Inside Pizza port DL 41418

The same signs are hanging from when Pizza Port wasn’t taken over by Pizza Planet.

Inside Pizza port DL 41418 2 Inside Pizza port DL 41418 3

Are these new?

Inside Pizza port DL 41418 4Inside Pizza port DL 41418 7

Pizza Planet has a very broad, unique menu that includes cheeseburger pizza of all things. Do you think you would try this pizza?

Inside Pizza port DL 41418 6 Inside Pizza port DL 41418 5Pizza Port Decor DL

The interior decorations are very cute, but Disney could of put more thought into them instead of just hanging an alien and calling it a day.

The Pixar Play Parade!

Please enjoy these pictures of the parade as a whole!

Pixar Play parade DL 41418

Pixar Play parade DL 41418 3Pixar Play parade DL 41418 2

Pixar Play parade DL 41418 4

Pixar Play parade DL 41418 5

Pixar Play parade DL 41418 6

Fair warning to any photographers, if you’re planning on taking pictures of this parade, be careful for squirting water! If you don’t… then you’ll end up like me in this picture.

Pixar Play parade DL 41418 7


And that’s a wrap! What did you think of Pixar Fest being in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure? Should it just be one park, or both?