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REVIEW: Pixar Fest Alien Pizza Planet Desserts at Disneyland

We had a chance to try the new Pixar Fest Pizza Planet alien desserts and we were seriously impressed! The macaron was every bit as delicious as expected and the parfait was a pleasant surprise that should be getting more press than I’ve seen for it. YUM! If you’re looking for a review of the entree items, you can find that here.

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It was hard to choose a favorite, because both of these dishes are simply delightful! They’re as delicious as they are charming and I can’t get enough! Once again, this will stray from my usual review, because I just can’t find any cons to list about these items! I’ll caveat that with the fact that they’re very sweet and should probably be shared to avoid sweetness overload but… other than that, these are amazing!


The Alien Macaron: $5.99

REVIEW: PixarFest Alien Pizza Planet Desserts

The macarons are so cute and smiley! These have received a lot of media coverage and they deserve every bit of it! Let’s start with the eyeballs. They’re white chocolate dollops – decadent and rich! I love them! The cookie itself was made well, but it’s nothing you can’t get from other macarons.

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The filling was a pleasant surprise… It’s lime flavored! The purple filling that is visible is blackberry flavored, but the center contained a lemon custard surprise! Very tasty! The only downside to this dish are the black mouth icing, which will stain your fingers, and that it reminds me of Wreck-It Ralph… S-U-G-A-R! Sugar Rush! Sugar Rush! This macaron is definitely something to share with a friend!


Alien Parfait: $5.99

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When I put the first spoon on my mouth, the immediate response was, “Wow!” This was surprisingly great! The parfait also has white chocolate eyeballs and an adorable face.

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This parfait is layered. Each layer compliments each other well. The top layer is the same stuff that the Grey Stuff uses – almost a cookies and cream; the middle layer is raspberry; and the bottom layer is a fluffy blue velvet cake! This parfait is almost exactly the same as the Grey Stuff from Red Rose Tavern, but it is proportioned better. The raspberry in the grey stuff felt like an afterthought and the cookie didn’t really work at all. In this instance, there’s enough raspberry to make a real splash and the cookie has been replaced by the delicious cake! This is certainly the best treat of Pixar Fest so far, and may actually be the best Disneyland dessert I’ve ever had, too! I really want this to become a permanent offering because it gives me a reason to visit the Pizza Port. It also outshines the macaron, because it’s rich and indulgent without being a sweetness overload. We were full before trying this dish, but had absolutely no problem finishing it!

pixarfest parfait, toy story parfait, pizza planet parfait, dessert disney dessert, disney dining, disneyland dessert


In conclusion, both of these are clear winners! Whether you go for the frequently tweeted macaron, or the highly underrated parfait, the Pixar Fest Pizza Planet alien desserts are something you do not want to miss!

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