REVIEW: Dawa Bar at Animal Kingdom Adds Jungle Juice with Rum Specialty Cocktail

Dawa Bar is a full bar located in Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The bar was moved and expanded a few years ago to increase the amount of Guests that can experience their unique cocktails and also give Cast Members more space to work in.

In recent months a policy was put in place that Guests will need to stand in line at the bar to order a drink, to then sit at the bar with their drink; ordering could not be completed from sitting at the bar. Despite this setback, a new drink was unveiled a few weeks ago that mixes two of our favorite things: rum and the passionfruit/orange/guava juice (POG juice).

Ngumu Jungle Juice – Myers’s Dark Rum with Tusker’s famous Jungle Juice – $10.75

We really enjoy Myers’s Dark Rum; many of the drinks at Trader Sam’s include the unique spirit. The Jungle Juice, which is the passion fruit/orange/guava (POG) juice, is found at multiple locations across Walt Disney World. Jungle Juice around the Animal Kingdom area, ‘Moonshine’ for breakfast at Trails End, Liliko’i Juice at Polynesian are among some of the popular representations of the fruit juice. It’s an extremely satisfying blend of the three fruits included and a tastier alternative to basic orange juice. Rum and POG feel like they’re made for each other, and this drink is a pure win.

There are only two downsides to this drink. The first is that it’s premixed and poured from a dispenser for your enjoyment. We’re used to premixed beverages at high-traffic locations (looking at you, La Cava), and with the other three specialty cocktails also being premixed we can forgive them. The other downside is that this replaced the Sugarcane Mojito, which was served with a slice of sugarcane as a stirring stick. While the mojito was wonderful, the Ngumu Jungle Juice is far better. The bartender was also a little heavy-handed with the rum in this, but we’re not complaining…