REVIEW: Olivia’s at Old Key West is Outstanding

Olivia’s is a table service restaurant located at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. This resort was the original home of the Disney Vacation Club and still holds a lot of that charm today. The rooms are spacious, the cast are friendly, and the restaurants are great. We’ve been to Olivia’s quite a few times in the past, but recently we stopped in with some friends who have never been and wanted to go after hearing how great the fried chicken is. The fried chicken is really good, but there’s a full menu of delicious surprises as well.


Slappy Joe’s Bourbon Berry Lemonade – $10.25

We really ordered this one just because of the name. Unlike the picture, it’s not purple at all. Also, excuse the blurry photo, we were a little too excited to get our hands on Slappy Joe’s concoction of fun. Overall it’s a lemonade with bourbon, which was quite refreshing and went down easy, making it quite dangerous.


Conch Chowder – Olivia’s Own Recipe – $9.00

A Manhattan-style clam chowder, meaning a red base, that’s FULL of conch. If you’ve never had conch before, think of it as a tougher clam or oyster. A lot of the same flavor profile remains, but the conch is definitely meatier. The conch chowder here is perfectly spiced and simmered all day long to achieve a masterful soup. It’s spectacular and shouldn’t be missed when dining here.


Tortuga Seafood Stew – $26.00

Listed as ‘Shrimp, Scallop, Calamari, Mahi Mahi, and Mussels simmered in a Coconut and Tomato Broth with Garbanzo Beans, Pineapple, and Edamame served with Lime Rice and Toasted Almonds’. It’s a heck of a bowl that’s filled with rice, sauce, and the large assortment of seafood. For the price, we didn’t expect a huge amount of protein, but were surprised with the generous portion we received. All of the flavors had plenty of time to get to know each other in the coconut broth, each working together to give a slight Caribbean-vibe to the dish without being overwhelming.


Southernmost Buttermilk Chicken – $19.00

Served here with the gravy on the side. We learned from past experiences that the gravy soaks into the crunchy chicken very quick, and getting it on the side not only prevents this, but you also get much more gravy. It’s a win win for you to then dip the chicken in to. Anyway, expect a huge piece of perfectly fried chicken sitting on top of proper mashed potatoes. These aren’t from a box, they’re whipped from real potatoes and still a little chunky at times. They’re perfect, as is the chicken. We can’t say for sure if it’s better than Plaza Inn at Disneyland, but it’s certainly one of the best fried chicken options at Walt Disney World.


Flourless Chocolate Cake – $8.50

Served with seasonal strawberries on top. The flourless idea has been kicked around for a few years now, especially at Walt Disney World, but it’s still a very tasty option. We don’t know for sure how the chefs can continuously make great tasting cakes without flour, but we’re thankful they can. It’s ultra-chocolatey with great contrast on the fruit.

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