REVIEW: PIXAR Fest ‘Coco’-Themed Menu at ‘Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante’

A new entree and new Coco themed menu items have debuted at Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante in Disneyland California for Pixar Fest! Rancho Del Zocalo is a quick service Mexican restaurant located in Frontierland.

New menu items include the ‘Al Pastor Huarache.’

Zocalo Nachos

Mexican Chocolate Pot De Creme Parfait topped with white chocolate shavings and chocolate Miguel decoration.

A Coco jarrita is also available with your choice of soft drink.

‘Al Pastor Huarache’ ($12.49) is a marinated pork dish served on a pita with Queso toppings, pineapple coleslaw and pickled carrots.

The pork was well marinated and plentiful. Each bite had big flavorful pork pieces that were delicious. The pepper crema added a subtle kick and blended nicely with the other quesos and slaw. This dish was large and very filling.

The Zocalo Nachos ($12.49): grilled chicken nacho dish with more fresh queso toppings, beans, pick de Gallo, guacamole and topped with jalapeño slices.

I do suggest removing the jalapeño slices if you are not a fan of spicy food. I was only able to withstand a few bites with the slices. The nachos were very flavorful, even without the jalapeño. I really enjoyed the different queso flavors in each bite. Again, the chicken and toppings were very plentiful, which made another large and filling dish.

Both plates are a refreshing welcome, as lots of fresh ingredients and delicious quesos and queso sauces pile on the flavor. Great options for sharing with a friend!

The Mexican Chocolate Pot de Crème ($4.99) is a layered parfait dessert consisting of a spiced Mexican chocolate layer, a moist chocolate cake layer, and a chocolate cinnamon liquor flavored layer.

The dessert had a wonderful twist to the chocolate flavoring. The cinnamon, liquor and Mexican Hot Chocolate flavoring really came through, but did not overpower the overall chocolate flavor. The layers scooped all together made a delicious spoonful! The white chocolate Miguel topper was the perfect ‘cherry on top’. If you are a chocolate fan, this one is a must!