REVIEW: Spyglass Grill at Caribbean Beach Offer’s Disney’s Best Quick Breakfast

Last week, we made it out to Caribbean Beach Resort to check out the brand new Spyglass Grill. That review pertained to their lunch/dinner menu and you can read that here. The short of the story is that the entrees we had were spectacular and well worth your time. We headed out to the quick service again knowing they had a very different breakfast menu.

We ordered the yuca hash, pancakes, and french toast.

Breakfast Yuca Hash with Chorizo Redeye Gravy and a Fried Egg – $9.49

We reviewed the dinner yuca bowl as an amazing value and a really tasty dish; the breakfast version is no different, but it may actually even be better. The bowl is stuffed to the top with chorizo (of a quality that defies Disney counter service expectations) and fried yuca. There’s a generous helping of salsa and a well-cooked fried egg on top. Everything worked well together and it’s a beast of a bowl for one person to finish.

Cream Cheese Guava-stuffed French Toast with fresh Strawberry Syrup and a choice of Bacon or Fresh Fruit – $8.79

For those who enjoy sweets in the morning, the cream cheese and guava will be right up your alley. That being said, it isn’t overly sweet, certainly not overwhelming. The guava is more of a subtle flavor overall, with the dish being dominated by the fresh toast and cream cheese flavors. We felt the french toast was expertly cooked, especially for a quick service. This is a really amazing entree.

Pineapple-Banana Pancakes served with crispy Granola and Maple Syrup – $7.99

Three big pancakes for this price is a really good deal as far as Disney quick service prices are concerned. They’re also really good, almost comparable to the exquisite pineapple pancakes at Kona Cafe (perhaps even better). Fluffy, airy, and not overly sweet, these pancakes are a winner.

Cold Brew Jamaican Joffrey’s Coffee – $3.79

A standard cold brew, comparable to the other Joffrey’s cold brew coffees available elsewhere at Walt Disney World.


Spyglass Grill continues to impress. We were blown away with how good dinner was, and breakfast is even better. Dare we say it’s likely the best on property, from the quality of the food to the care and devotion of the cast members working here. It may be difficult to justify visiting this very hard-to-find location for a meal, but locals and folks who have visited Disney many times will find it to b e a hidden treasure.