BREAKING: Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Being Evacuated After Possible Lightning Strike

We are recieving various reports from guests staying at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort that they are being evacuated after the fire alarm starting going off resort-wide after a potential lighting strike hit the building.

Reports state “a loud thunder sound” was heard that shook the building followed by the fire alarm going off. Rumblings around the resort from Cast Members are that the resort was struck by lightning. Firefighters have since arrived on the scene and guests are waiting out the situation in the adjacent convention center.

We don’t currently have any more information on this breaking story, but we will keep you posted as we find out more.

Below are photos and video from social media of the ongoing evacuation:

Photos courtesy of @Mikeytonery

Update 5/15 @ 4:12PM: Guests staying at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort have informed us that they were allowed back to their rooms but as soon as that was instructed, another lightning struck nearby causing the fire alarm to go off again. Guests have been informed if strikes continue, they may have to evacuate the resort.