BREAKING: New Details Revealed for Epcot’s Space Restaurant, What’s Inside

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Last week, Disney confirmed the location of the new Space Restaurant in Future World at Epcot, connected to the Mission: SPACE pavilion and adjacent to Test Track. This week, we’re unveiling a few more details that Disney has yet to share about this highly anticipated new eatery.

New Mission Space at Epcot Launches August 13th with Lower Height Requirement Booster Seats

Guests will enter the venue through the far right side of the Mission: SPACE facade (where paper FastPass distribution was located many years ago), very similar to how guests get to The Coral Reef Restaurant at The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Once in the departure lobby, guests can check-in and then board one of two transportation chambers that will take them into “space”. Yes, these will be very similar to the Hydrolators that once stood at The Living Seas, giving guests the illusion of lengthy travel while not really moving much at all. This will be accomplished via projections outside of the chamber.

Once “in space,” guests are walked down a hallway, through the “Space Cellar” (which we assume to be full of wines the restaurant will offer), and out into the two-level dining area. The dining space is tiered just like the Coral Reef, but in this case looks out into a large projection of faux-space rather than an aquarium.

AT D23 EXPO 2017, DISNEY PARKS CHAIRMAN BOB CHAPEK ANNOUNCES A NEW RESTAURANT COMING TO EPCOT — Adjacent to Mission: SPACE will be a new restaurant that will invite guests to travel high above the earth for an unforgettable dining experience.

The restaurant will be quite sizable, totaling over 400 seats. The bar, however, is on the small side, seating just 12 guests at the back of the upper level. The above concept art doesn’t quite match this new information, but remember it is just concept art and not a true representation of the final product.

Disney has yet to provide an opening date for the Space Restaurant, nor an official name (hopefully it is not just The Space Restaurant), but it will open before 2021 which is the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

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  • Thanks for sharing the details! I am so excited for this restaurant. The hydrolators at Sea Base Alpha are one of the strongest memories I have from visiting Disney as a kid. Its exciting to see the level of detail that Disney is putting into this restaurant. Hopefully, these new space capsules bring as much joy to younger generations as they did to younger me.

  • Brava Centauri Space Colony or Restaurant Brava Centauri would be nice nods to the footprint’s past.

  • I’m going to yell “We’re under attack! To the battle stations!!” when I hear the IllumiNations fireworks outside the building.

    • Then you’ll get all the killjoys to complain about the yelling, and next thing you know, they’ll take away the space projections. You’ll just have to be quiet and look at a blank wall.

  • When you say “we’re unveiling a few more details”, does that mean you’re designing it?

    • This is WDWNT, they love to take credit for anything and everything. Unless they are found to be wrong.

      • We have seen the blueprints. So we have details that have not yet been released by Disney. For example, the blueprints show 12 seats at the bar. And yes, we’ll happily take credit. Show me another Disney site that can tell you how many seats are at the bar.

        • Thanks for letting us know your source. I’m not looking for names, but it’s nice to know whether you’ve seen blueprints or heard it from a bus driver. :)

        • Well, there is another site’s forums where you can find that it’s 16 seats at the bar and there are 188 seats in both the upper and lower tiers. I suppose there’s more than one copy of the blue prints.

          • Since it won’t let me reply under Jason’s last post, I am replying here. It states that there are 188 seats for each upper and lower tier not a 188 seats total…

            104 seats on upper tier west
            84 seats on upper tier east
            188 seats on lower tier

            plus one stall in the men’s bathroom and 4 in the women’s bathroom

  • Disney is not what it used to be. All about money now. “Keep packing the people in, make more money. I Don’t go there anymore. Was there when it opened and every year after. No more.

  • Interesting. Almost 40 years after first revealing concepts for Ray Bradbury’s Space Pavilion (Disney started doing regular press for EPCOT Center around 1979), we’re getting something that finally evokes that flavor. Nowhere near as massive or dramatic, but it’s nice to see. If properly executed (and I know we’re all hopeful), it could end up more of a “must” attraction than MISSION: Space itself.

  • Might as well build it *in* the Mission: Space building…there’d be more traffic that way than there ever has been for the foredoomed (and deadly) Horizons replacement.

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