BREAKING: Work to Begin Soon on New Future World Hotel at the Entrance of Epcot

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Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s article about on a new Magic Kingdom area hotel, today a slew of permit filings are pointing toward the imminent beginning of work for the rumored hotel to be located at the entrance of Epcot, which we first told you about last November.  Back then, we showed two possible sites being evaluated for the new hotel.

A total of 27 separate notices were published today, all referring to the same project code “JPEC8060” and all with addresses on Avenue of the Stars, which is the backstage perimeter road that encircles Epcot. With that many publications, this project is certainly a large one and the new Epcot hotel fits that description.

As we told you in February, the stormwater management plans also show this area behind the Seas pavilion to be the focus of the next development after the Guardians coaster in the Universe of Energy.

While we’re still not sure exactly where the hotel will sit, much of the area behind the Seas between the monorail station and the Land pavilion will be used for the hotel and supporting infrastructure.



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    • Nope, and the permits aren’t for the hotel either. This is just a speculation article, not breaking news.

    • I hope proposed site A will address and fix all of this, also site B may be a future planned DVC. just a theory

  • So if you’re “still not sure exactly where the hotel will sit,” as your article clearly says, and there are two possible sites, as your picture clearly shows, then why do you have a clickbait headline saying that the new hotel will be at the entrance to Epcot?

    • Because both sites will be connected to the entrance of Epcot. The clickbait in the title refers to the construction we speculate will be starting soon, not the exact location.

  • The Notice of Commencement’s you reference are for the Buena Vista Construction company. They handle small jobs throughout the parks and do not build hotels. Not only that, but only one NoC would be filed for a large hotel project, not 27 of them with different addresses. Lastly, there are dozens of additional documents that were filed at the same time with different “project codes” that are nowhere near EPCOT. This is likely an infrastructure update project taking place and has nothing to do with the speculated Epcot hotel project.

    • But a number of infrastructure upgrades and changes would be necessary before a hotel construction project at EPCOT could begin, so these permit filings could very well be related to the initial steps for building a hotel.

  • Buena Vista Construction (which is Disney internal construction company) have been filing permits for all around World Showcase for a couple weeks now. If I had to guess I would say these are related to the locations for Food and Wine and other kiosks around the lake. Work related to a hotel wouldn’t be done by Buena Vista Construction and would use permits like this.

    I think a new Epcot hotel is likely sooner then later, somewhere around the parking lot, but these permits do not appear to be connected to that project.

  • There would have to be another South Florida Water Management permit before they could have notices of commencement. Buena Vista Construction is Disney’s own construction company and typically does not do large scale project like a hotel. As others have pointed out the permits/notices of commencement filed are likely for Food and Wine since there are so many and they are throughout Epcot.

  • Having seen the Disneyland Paris Hotel – I’d like to see them go with Site A. If done right it could be a spectacular new entrance, and the monorail could be incorporated right into the hotel.

    Site B is better used for park expansion with a new attraction in that area.

    • I second this comment and would also like to propose a comeback of World of Motion, Kitchen Kabaret, and the removal of the Dory/Nemo mess from the Living Seas. Please.

  • Maybe they are to take out the futuristic graveyard at the Epcot entrance. Are there 27 headstones by Spaceship Earth? The losses to Epcot during the 2000 millennium war are still being felt but instead of the perfect balance of rides and shops, more then half the rides turned to dust and never came back but prices went up

  • Are there 27 headstones in the Epcot entrace graveyard? The 2000 millienium war on Epcot is still being felt it had the perfect balance of attractions and retail until the war when more then half the attractions turned to dust but prices went up and IP took over.

    • I used my imaginaton to look into the future of Epcot and there is just one reality where they bring back the orginal figment ride in all other ones it becomes a new DVC

      • I want to live in the original Figment ride reality complete with Imageworks and Magic Journeys, they can have their DVC realities.

        • I miss the original so much too. It’s what inspired me to loved fantasy and be an artist.

  • Epcot is making a HUGE mistake putting up a hotel like Paris did! That just takes away the beautiful view of the spaceship earth ball. Leave Epcot alone already, geez!!!!!

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