‘Incredibles 2’ Soundtrack Playlist Revealed, Available for Pre-Order Now

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Elastigirl will definitely be springing into action with these new songs. You can’t have a superhero movie without a strong soundtrack to follow it and with Michael Giacchino in charge, you’re sure to have just that. Giacchino composed the film’s original music, which will release June 15th, 2018, in theaters. Pre-Order here for $9.99!


The soundtrack isn’t a small one with 32 tracks listed under various artists and I’m particularly looking forward to hearing, “This Ain’t My Super-Suit?” Check out what to expect:

  • 1. Episode 2
  • 2. A Tony Perspective
  • 3. Consider Yourselves Undermined!
  • 4. A Matter of Perception
  • 5. Diggin’ the New Digs
  • 6. This Ain’t My Super-Suit?
  • 7. Elastigirl Is Back
  • 8. Train of Taut
  • 9. Rocky vs. Jack-Jack
  • 10. Ambassador Ambush
  • 11. Hero Worship
  • 12. Searching for a Screenslaver
  • 13. Super Legal Again
  • 14. Renouncing the Renunciation
  • 15. World’s Worst Babysitters
  • 16. Helen of Ploy
  • 17. A Dash of Reality
  • 18. Hydrofoiled Again
  • 19. Jack Splat
  • 20. A Bridge Too Parr
  • 21. Together Forever and Deavor
  • 22. Elastigirl’s Got a Plane to Catch
  • 23. Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Oxygen
  • 24. Happily After-Deavor
  • 25. Out and a Bout
  • 26. Incredits 2
  • 27. Here Comes Elastigirl – Elastigirl’s Theme
  • 28. Chill or Be Chilled – Frozone’s Theme
  • 29. Pow! Pow! Pow! – Mr. Incredible’s Theme
  • 30. Devtechno!
  • 31. Chad Tonight Talk Show Theme
  • 32. Chad Tonight Newscast Bumper

Earlier this week, we showed you the new international trailer for ‘Incredibles 2’ which showed a lot of footage we hadn’t seen yet in the domestically released trailers. We’re just over two weeks away until the much-anticipated sequel is released. Will you be there?

SOURCE: Film Music Reporter

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