Less May Be More For New Disneyland Fireworks Spectaculars Going Forward

During Pixar Fest at Disneyland Park, sharp-eyed fireworks fanciers (or pyro-maniacs) may notice what looks like a more modest nightly show in the skies above the Anaheim Theme Park. And, in many ways they are right. But the reasons behind lighter shelling aren’t what some might think. It’s not about the Benjamins. Disney is attempting to avoid the pyrotechnics show cancellations that can happen when upper altitude winds are about to meet the largest shells in entertainer’s arsenal.

This may be the shape of pyrotechnic spectaculars going forward.

The greatest fear is that the high altitude winds could take a shell off of the resort property. With this in mind, weather balloon tests are routinely conducted by the fireworks team before the shows. Cancellations can result from the outcome of those tests. With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge also in the fallout zone, concerns have grown.

The current Together Forever show is definitely a spectacular. But it is the first Disneyland fireworks show to rely more on mid-sized shells and sprays, that seem to be launched closer to the in-park Guests, as well as in-park projection mapping techniques, casting animated images onto Park buildings and surfaces.  There are certainly still some big shells in Together Forever, but since they are not so front and center, it is much easier to drop them from the show in the case of high altitude winds, rather than to cancel the show altogether.

As anyone can imagine, cancellation of what can be considered a highlight of a visit to the Disneyland Resort can be stressful for Guests and Cast Members.

Will you miss the big shells? Or, do you think it is best to avoid cancellations by using the smaller ordinance?

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