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POLL: Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Merchandise Must-Haves

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HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY ANIMAL KINGDOM! Congratulations on 20 wild years! I was there the year you were born … I remember it like it was yesterday. Not because we got separated from dad in the crowd and couldn’t find him for like an hour (rough day) but because I remember how wonderful and new you were! After 20 years you have come a long way by adding many amazing and innovative attractions. Yes, some attraction features have not worked since their conception #FixTheYeti and others are so complex that they keep breaking down but none of that matters because you are still amazing, people still love you, and you have managed to remain Nahtazu.

Todays WDW Hostess with the Mostess countdown is all about the merch! I am big on the souvenirs. I love my pins, artwork, purses, Pops, mugs, Mickey ears … I love it all! Since Disney came out with some pretty enticing merchandise items for Animal Kingdom’s 20th Anniversary, I wanted to share all of my must haves with you! Don’t forget to vote below!! And if I did not mention your favorite, please select “other” and comment. As always, I LOVE hearing from YOU!


5. Mugs Mugs and More Mugs!

My husband is a huge mug collector. We will soon need to renovate our kitchen just to fit all of his Disney mugs. The only other solution would be to get rid of them but obviously that is the worst idea ever. So we must renovate and keep collecting! We already have the white ceramic mug which of course we love. But I would not mind snatching one of those travel mugs too. Who does not want to start their day off with a cup of Disney in the morning?




4. Magic Band

animal kingdom 20 magic band

This Magic Band is pretty cool. I am not a Magic Band collector. In fact, I have no special bands whatsoever, I just stick to the solid colors. But this one really caught my eye because of the design. I absolutely love the way this Magic Band looks, I think the box is super awesome, and I also appreciate that it helps us remember 20 amazing years! Plus it would look super fly with my giraffe print Mickey ears.



3. Alex and Ani Bracelet

I LOVE Disney Alex and Ani bracelets! They go perfect with any outfit and give me just enough Disney flare for the day. So naturally this piece of jewelry will make it into my collection. In fact, I do not have any Animal Kingdom bracelets yet, so this will be my first! And it will go great with my giraffe Mickey ears and new Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Magic Band … go figure! Any other Alex and Ani fans out there?





2. Dooney and Bourke

I understand why Dooney’s are so popular but I also do not understand how! Obviously they are adorable so people want them. But they are so darn expensive! It amazes me how fast they sell out. The last one I wanted sold out so fast I did not even have a chance to put it into my cart. Side note: If anyone is selling their Disney Dog Dooney and Bourke Tote hit me up! ;)

Ok, back to the real reason we are here … check out how cute this purse is! I am very picky about prints because not all prints look good in all purse sizes, but this one does! Whether you choose the tote or the wallet, it is adorable either way. This purse is a total must have! And …. it would go great with my giraffe Mickey ears, my new Magic Band, and my new Alex and Ani bracelet! You had to have seen that coming. :) Next time you are in Disney and you see a crazy lady totally over accessorizing her Animal Kingdom gear, it’s me.


1. Pins


I do not know what it is but I love collecting pins. I can not blame it on the thrill of pin trading because I have never traded a pin in my life. I do plan on trading my first pin on my next vacation, pin trading tips are welcome! On my new pin trading expedition, I can guarantee you that I will not trade one of these Animal Kingdom pins because I would never want to get rid of them.

All four of these pins are fantastic! I had my eye on the Passholder pin but it was (as always) sold out before I could grab one. I settled for the antelope pin but I am not disappointed. The outside is beautiful and the inside picture of Walt is perfect. All of the anniversary merch is great but the pins make number one on my countdown because if I could only buy one item, it would be one of these pins!


Thank you for checking out my Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Merchandise Must Haves! Now I want to know what you think. Please vote and comment below to tell me about your favorite pieces of merch. If your favorite has not been mentioned, select “Other” and comment to tell me what it is!


Here is your Extra Magic Tip: In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there is a well hidden path between Discovery Island and Africa that will take you closer to the Tree of Life for some unforgettable photos!


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3 years ago

The print by Joe Rohde was a must for me.

3 years ago

I’m a huge magnet fan and I love the burnout tree magnet.