REVIEW: Carrot Cake Cookie Altered in Move to Trolley Car Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sweet Spells, the candy store and bake shop on Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, recently closed. This location was the only spot in the park to purchase fudge, candy apples, and as of this past year, the infamous carrot cake cookie. The carrot cake cookie was originally located at Writer’s Stop, which closed to be converted into Baseline Tap House. With the closing of Sweet Spells, the future of the cookie was uncertain, but fortunately, it reappeared at the park’s Starbucks location, Trolley Car Cafe.

Carrot Cake Cookie – $3.99

The cookie looks very different than its previous incarnations; it’s much thicker with a smaller circumference now. Even with the presentation change, the flavor profile remains pretty much the same. We assume the change had to be made to accommodate a different kitchen set-up wherever they are making these now.

The cake is perfectly spiced and cooked to have a crispy exterior and cakey interior. Expect a sweet cream cheese in the middle that goes to all of the edges evenly, making each bite wonderful. Fans of the previous version of the carrot cake cookie will definitely enjoy this (we maybe even liked it a little more since the cream cheese was better distributed in the new shape without thin cookie edges).