REVIEW: Pixar Fest ‘Up’ Specialty Pastries at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

Pixar Fest treats can be found all over the Disneyland Resort! The Up-Tart was part of the sneak peek we gave you earlier in March, and now we have a review for you!
The Up-Tart and Specialty Éclair are some of the many new Up-themed released snacks for Pixar Fest. You can find them at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe in Disneyland.

The Adventure Tart retails for $5.49, plus tax, and is a Nutella Pop-Tart!

This treat was a good size, larger than the well known ‘Pop’t Art’ sugar cookie from Epcot’s Festival of the Arts. The tart’s base was a sweet short bread cookie; not too sweet and not too dry and since the tart is Nutella-filled, that was appreciated. The inner layer of Nutella was spread through the tart consistently and not overfilled. The tart is covered in a layer of vanilla icing, which balances well with the Nutella and sweet pastry.

Topping the treat, an edible fondant pastry sheet with the printed image of Mr. Fredricksen, Russell, Dug and the iconic floating house and balloons. I do suggest removing this pastry sheet before eating, as it was oddly textured. It did come off the pastry quite easily. Overall, this was a tasty treat! Who can resist Mr. Fredricksen and the adorable Russell and Dug?

The Specialty Éclair is a creamy peanut butter and jelly filled éclair retailing at $5.49, plus tax.

This éclair was filled with a creamy, sweet peanut butter and grape jelly. It was absolutely delicious. The peanut butter to jelly ratio was definitely off, as most PB&J treats are! This peanut butter was so sweet that it had the eminence of a frosting! The grape jelly flavor was the perfect choice for this Up-inspired treat.

The pastry was your basic éclair topped with white chocolate Up decorative badges. Nothing special to report about the éclair, as it was a bit dry but tolerable. The white chocolate is always a treat!

Overall, these make great additions to Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe’s pastry line-up. Try one before these limited time available treats are gone!

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