REVIEW: The Dynamite Sundae at The Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland

The Dynamite Sundae from The Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland in Disneyland
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The Dynamite Sundae was recently added to the dessert menu at The Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland. This is the second of their dishes to include a warm chocolate chip cookie base, the first being their signature Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sundae. But is it worth choosing this explosive new dish to top off your meal?

Dynamite Sundae – $7.99

The menu listing for the Dynamite Sundae at The Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland in Disneyland

Listed under “The Grand Finale” section of The Golden Horseshoe’s menu, the Dynamite Sundae is described as “a warm, rich Triple Chocolate-chunk Cookie made with Brown Butter, topped with hand-scooped Vanilla Ice Cream, Cookie and Cream Crumbles, Raspberry Sauce, and Popping Candy.”

The Dynamite Sundae from The Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland in Disneyland

The sundae serves one (or maybe two people if you don’t mind sharing).

The best way to describe the flavor would be to liken it to a Cherry Cordial candy but with raspberry instead of cherry flavor. It was addictively delicious. The Popping Candy (just think of Pop Rocks) added a fun, fizzy effect after every bite. The serving of vanilla ice cream was generous in size and melded wonderfully with all the toppings as well as the cookie base.

The Dynamite Sundae from The Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland in Disneyland

The base was actually one of the dishes highlights. Each bite was flavorful and moist. The cookie was warm, as advertised, but not hot enough to make the ice cream melt too quickly.

I would definitely recommend the Dynamite Sundae to ice cream enthusiasts or anyone with a sweet tooth. I can promise you that I will be returning to The Golden Horseshoe for another heapin’ helping of this delicious dessert.

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  • did they have Woody’s boot when you were there. do you think they will restock? thank you!

  • Sounds yummy…. Too bad folks can’t enjoy it while watching The Show! Do Guests even know the names Wally Boag, and Betty Taylor anymore…?? If not, WHY NOT….?? How about Bev Bergeron, and Gerry Rose, for the Diamond Horseshoe….?? These are ICONS of Disneyland, and Walt Disney World… Is there MAYBE a Sundae or a Sandwich named after them…?? We are talking HUGE History here, on a Stage that is Hallowed Ground at Disneyland, and at Walt Disney World… I wonder if the next generation will remember the Horseshoe for the Dynamite Sundae, instead of Legendary Icons….?

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