SHOP NOW: Turn Your Watch into a MagicBand with These Stylish Holders

You no longer need to worry about a bulky MagicBand 2 and watch on your wrist, because you can now combine them together! You can transform your watch into a MagicBand. This is perfect for those upcoming hot months here in Florida. Installation is as easy as removing the center icon/puck from your MagicBand 2 and snapping it into the watch holder. Once in the holder you simply slide it onto your watch. If you don’t know how to remove your center puck, we have a removal video explaining it here. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, that’s okay. You can ignore that sizing information, and focus on the larger sizes they have for bigger watch bands, like the ones on Fitbit trackers.

Optional MagicBand Holder for Watches

There are loads of color options available, such as solid colors like black, white, silver, pink, purple, and red. There are also specialty ones like the one pictured below that is glow in the dark. If you are a fan of sparkle, there are three different glitter colors available.

If you want one of these MagicBand puck holders for your watch, you can buy one at this Etsy shop. They are currently having a sale through Sunday, May 13th, where you’ll receive 10% off if you purchase two or more items from their shop.

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