Two New Grevy’s Zebra Foals Born Into Disney’s Animal Kingdom Family

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has welcomed two new babies! Two brand new female Grevy’s zebra foals were born in the last week, one on April 26th to Laylee, and the second on May 1 to Zuri. Originating from Africa, Grev’s zebras are the most endangered species of zebra, with only around 2,500 left in the world.

The new additions are currently nursing and forming a bond with their mothers backstage, but will soon join the herd on Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail overlook.

Zuri and her foal at Disney's Animal Kingdom


From Disney Parks Blog about their Species Survival Plan, “These zebra births mark another success for Disney’s animal care experts and the Species Survival Plan, a program through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums that helps ensure a diverse, healthy population of threatened and endangered species. These zebra foals are making an important contribution toward the worldwide conservation and understanding of the Grevy’s species, which will help ensure a future generation for these endangered animals.

Our commitment to the care and conservation of Grevy’s zebras goes beyond our park. Through the Imperiled Species Conservation Project (ISCP), which gives our cast the opportunity to personally support the species they love through existing conservation programs, Disney has made contributions toward the care and protection of Grevy’s zebras in the wild. Recently, two of our zebra keepers traveled to Kenya through the ISCP to participate in the Great Grevy’s Rally, a population survey used to document the total number of Grevy’s zebras in the wild.”

The conservation efforts of protecting wildlife doesn’t end there. Later this year, cast members will travel across the world to learn about and take care of more endangered species, such as painted dogs, dolphins, gorillas, Guam rails, rhinos, sharks, and vultures.


If you want to learn more about Disney’s efforts to preserve life of the endangered wild, visit DisneyAnimals.com.