UPDATE: New Vice President of Magic Kingdom Park Announced

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 5/12/17 (D-Tech on Demand, Happily Ever After, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Etc.)
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A few weeks ago we told you that Dan Cockerell, Vice President of Magic Kingdom, was leaving the Disney company to persue outside interests.

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 5/12/17 (D-Tech on Demand, Happily Ever After, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Etc.)

We now know today that Dan’s replacement will be Jason Kirk. Jason will be a great fit for Magic Kingdom with massive additions coming to the park. He was the GM of Disney California Adventure Park during much of the overhaul and refurbishment. He later moved to the east coast and was the VP of Epcot until 2014. Jason has spent the last four years as the VP of transportation at Walt Disney World, overseeing expansions to traffic across property and new projects including the Express Bus Transportation and Minnie Van Service.

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  • Many Generals, Colonels, Majors, and Captains…. However, until there is ONE guy on the top, who LIVES the DREAM, and maintains the original CORE VALUES and GOALS, I do not expect to see much difference…..

    • Indeed. When should we expect Iger to step down and be replaced with a clone of early Eisner?

      • “Never” is the correct reply. What is required is the HEAD of the Parks to LIVE the Parks… This is somewhat separate from the rest of the Main Company… Keeping the Parks the way they were with the focus on the Values which once were… When I grew up the very name “Disney” refereed to “G Rated” and wholesome. Then it added to become known for Excellence…. Is that the way it is known today?? This is the issue… and WHY the head must LIVE the DREAM…. And that is NOT a Business Executive such as Eisner or Iger, or any such man functioning in the same capacity. My world remains pure only because I am still in charge….. and I know that when I am no longer there, everything will change steering away from my dreams… perhaps it is better that some dreams die along with the dreamer… that way they cannot be tarnished and will always remain pure. Who is to say the correct answer… however, without the Dreamer, or a replacement to carry out and live the dreams, then the dreams will be no more.

  • I don’t think he was ever the VP of Epcot. I think it was confused with he took the job of VP of Transportation so Sam Lau could become the VP of Epcot.

  • The article mentions massive expansions? Only thing WDW is adding in the last 20 years has yet to really one aside from Avatar, which while nice, is extremely small. Meanwhile, Disney keeps adding rooms. Cutting staff. Cutting capacity. WDW is becoming Six Flags, but more cheaply run, and much more crowded.

      • What was wrong with the old Fantasyland?? So open up some land for another walkway, and add the Little Mermaid ride, (which is nice)… But the Snow White Mine Train I can never get a Fast Pass for, so I never do it… Might as well not be there…. And close Snow White’s Scary Adventures…. So now there are 2 Dumbo rides…. big deal… Oh, another restaurant… big deal… and another meet greet at old Snow White and Little Mermaid…. Was much better when 20k was there and OPEN…. Does anyone remember the Fantasy Fair Stage and the shows like Totally Minnie??? GONE… So this is what we classify as “massive expansion”?? Oh, the creation of the “outer ring” at the Castle Hub…. and BLOW OFF walkways to by pass Main Street…. Unfortunately COMPLETELY necessary… I would say there was massive expansion, however, not in the areas the expansions should have been with Attractions, and Shows.. The focus is on Rooms, and Restaurants, and Gift Shops, and transportation…. We can add Disney Springs, which I think was not a move in the right direction…. All I can say is that it would be a very DIFFERENT World if I were in change.

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