VIDEO: Impressive Version of ‘Let It Go’ from Broadway’s Frozen Now Released

Caissie Levy in Frozen the Broadway Musical.
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Disney’s Frozen Broadway production is almost two months old at the St. James Theater in New York. Although the musical received mixed reviews when it premiered, it is already nominated for three Tony Awards, the most important prizes for Broadway productions. Frozen is nominated in the categories Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical (for Jennifer Lee), and Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for Theatre (for Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez). On June 11, 2018, we will know which prizes the musical will get.

This week, Disney shows us the recording of Let It Go by Caissie Levy, who portrays Elsa. Reactions online were very positive for ‘her’ version of this well-known song from the 2013 film. Listen and judge for yourself with the video below:

The song is accompanied with footage of the cast, like Patti Murin and Jelani Alladin that play Anna and Kristoff respectively, preparing for one of the shows. There is also some footage of the final bow and fans of the show afterwards.

Disney also released the official Broadway cast recording of Frozen, featuring this version of Let It Go by Cassie Levy, but also songs like Love Is an Open Door by Patti Murin and John Riddle (Hans). The recording contains all the songs from the musical, which means that the new, original tracks like What Do You Know About Love? by Patti Murin and Jelani Alladin, or Monster by Caissie Levy can also be purchased.

Frozen is still running in New York and tickets can be purchased here. What do you think about this version of Let It Go from Broadway’s Frozen?

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  • I am a very TRADITION Disney fan, and I love all the music from Disney Films from the Eighty’s back…. Once We hit the Eighty’s, the trend of Music was changing into something I do not like. Beauty and the Beast Music is great, but compare that with Tarzan, the Hunchback, or Pocahontas, and you can understand what I am saying…. The Lion King has many good songs, however, the 90’s on trend for Disney to promote new releases through their Theme Park Attractions has made even good songs hard to swallow, as they are constantly forced upon you. The most recent of which is Frozen, and the Giant Disney Marketing Machine has pushed Frozen down our throats everywhere. Theme Park Attractions with Frozen Themes, Shows dedicated just to Frozen, excerpts for Frozen in composite shows such as projected image shows on the Castle and integrated with Fireworks, and Parades…. Not to mention Merchandise, and now lets ADD Broadway Live Shows. And without any exception that I can think of, the song Let It Go is featured as the Climax to these presentations. Well NOT EVERYONE loves Frozen! I for one DETEST Frozen, the story it self, the ideology, and MOST OF ALL that HORRIBLE song Let It Go! As I watch a show at Walt Disney World, and that show rolls into the song Let It Go, I watch the audience, their faces and reactions….. Typically, I see Little Girls and Younger ladies enraptured buy the climax when the words are “sung” Let it Go… Let it Go…. However, the guys are very disinterested, and are forced to tolerate it with different levels of discust. I CRINGE when I here that song… I really HATE it. Music is a very POWERFUL tool creating a message and mood… it can be used for both good and for bad. In the case of Frozen, I see it as very BAD. The entire concept of the story where the Prince is a bad man, and the Princess finds happiness without him and is happily in love with her sister is almost Lesbian Imagery. Teaching a message to empower strong woman not to need, or want, a man in their life…. What ever happened to Some Day My Prince Will Come, and Happily Ever After?? Yes, we all know life is NOT as it is in Fairy-tales… However Fairy Tales are supposed to be Idealistic Dreams of the way we would want a prefect life to be… They are things we aspire to be when we are children, and they can be life altering powerful messages for the mind. As much as I do not like Frozen, or this song, I watched the video clip, and listened to the song just to see if something had changed, and it is even MORE HORRIBLE to my ear then versions I have been forced to hear in Disney Parks. It is an awful song, and a terrible message. And I am SURE there are plenty of people who will totally disagree thinking it is GREAT!… Most of them being girls of course…. I offer my views here ONLY as food for thought so that perhaps a different way of looking at it is available…. I am certain there are many who think just as I do, and perhaps just do not express it… For those who like Frozen, I submit that it is hard to get them to understand my points here, and each must make their own choices…. This is my opinion and my review… I see great danger in things like this because they can plant the seeds of thoughts into unsuspecting young minds who will form lifelong ideals based upon a message presented through song.

    • So, the ideal Disney songs have women singing about waiting for a guy to come around and lift them up or save them and a woman standing up and taking charge for herself is a dangerous message. Holy crap I really hope you don’t have daughters or have any influence over young girls in any capacity. Lol I’m mostly conservative and still think your cracked. Enjoy living in 1950

      • To reply to the “nameless person” who replied only using “Randyland is a tad sexist” as their id…. It sounds to me like YOU are someone who was disappointed in life because NO Prince ever came for you, while YOU were “singing about waiting for a guy to come around and lift them up or save them”…. I am sorry for your disappointment, however, I will point out to you that IF YOU had lived up to YOUR roll of being the Sweet Innocent Beautiful Young Princess, then YOUR Prince would have come!! No SELF RESPECTING Prince wants to sweep a Bitchy Independent Monster off her feet….

      • Lock her up…? No need for such extremes. I do think the song is HONORABLE however, and if it only appeared in 1 show, or attraction, it might be tolerable, or at least easily avoidable for the musically discerning ear.

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