Minnie Vans Now Available For All Guests at Walt Disney World

Minnie Vans were announced last summer, and since then they’ve been implemented into pickup at all resorts for resort guests. Today, it was announced that they’re now available for all guests visiting Walt Disney World, all throughout the parks and Disney Springs.

If you haven’t tried a Minnie Van yet, we reviewed it for you here. The private vans are comfortable and always only a few minutes away from where you’re at in the parks or at your resort. They’ll also pick up and drop off at Disney Springs. The new service in available from 6:30 a.m. to  12:30 a.m., so it’s really convenient if you’re at Disney Springs on a late-night shopping spree.

If you’d like to try out the Minnie Van service, download the Lyft app on your mobile device. Open it from anywhere at the Walt Disney World Resort and select the Minnie Van option. It’d be hard to miss, as you can see the vehicle request is Minnie’s silhouette. After you’ve selected the service,

  • Confirm the location where you’d like to be picked up
  • Enter your Walt Disney World Resort Location and click “Request.”
  • The app then gives you a map tracking the vehicle headed to you accompanied by a vehicle number to spot the car when it arrives.

IMG 2747

Payment is also made right through the app. It’s a very easy and convenient for a family to make their way to a location within the park, especially if you’re in a hurry to catch a dining reservation and can’t wait for one of the regular transportation buses.

9 thoughts on “Minnie Vans Now Available For All Guests at Walt Disney World”

  1. We knew it was coming. Another revenue spot to make up for their cut backs in number of busses and public transportation they have running. Some days, it’s one boat for 3 resorts, 45-50 minute waits. Next step is to charge for their bus, monorail, and boat service. I get that it’s an company and all about profit, but Disney really has gone the extra mile to make it miserable for guests money and time when visiting WDW lately.

    • Not sure about that. I haven’t seen them (yet) as these are mainly cross-over suvs, not actual mini vans but I do know that they only accommodate 4 in the back, one in the front passenger seat. Children MUST be in car seats, which they will supply 2 convertible seats for you, upon request. Honestly, it’s still cheaper (and faster sometimes) to get a regular lyft.

  2. I think $25.00 for a Minnie Van ride is ridiculous. I was told they do not go the Bonnet Creek Resorts resorts as well. They can only drive you anywhere on Disney Property. If you use regular Lyft is is 1/4 the price. I used Lyft from Beach Club to Animal Kingdom Lodge and cost $6.50, I can get 4 rides for the same price. The longest trip on property would be from All-Star resort to Magic Kingdom and that would cost $11.00. Buyer Beware. Maybe just once I would use it to get a nice photo, but that would be all.

  3. My wife and I wish DW would bring back those express buses that took you from one park to another without having to go thru security or the ticket checker lines. You had to pay for it, but it saved time and energy. They had them for a while in 2017.

  4. I read, when these first came out, that you can get two vans for the same $25 price. Big groups could make better use of this.

  5. I loved the Minnie Vans during our trip last fall. I hope that some of the pick-up and drop-off locations can be improved however. The Minnie Van location at both EPCOT and Animal Kingdom were pretty far away from the entrance gates.

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