PHOTOS: Epcot’s Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster Building and Future World Sight Lines

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It’s been a few weeks since we brought you pictures of the show building construction for the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster coming to Epcot. We stopped by on June 14th to obtain pictures from across Future World to give you an idea of just how large this building is and what sight lines it will impact across the area.

Entering Epcot

From outside the main turnstiles you can see the building clear as day.

It’s gigantic.

The monorail gives a great view of the back of the Universe of Energy building.

This is taken right above the stroller rentals, left of the main entrance before Spaceship Earth.

Future World East

This is taken from exiting MouseGear, near Test Track facing the Universe of Energy/Wonders of Life buildings.

Underneath Test Track’s canopy you can see the building trying to peek out behind the trees.

Just barely. The trees provide unanticipated cover, that’s a good thing.

Facing Mission: SPACE you can see the building towering behind Wonders of Life.

The smoking area in Future World East provides another unique vantage point, there’s lots of trees covering the area that mask most of the view.

This is taken from the Future World breezeway, right before entering MouseGear. The building is very visible.

Future World West

This image is taken from the Imagination upper area near the Visa meet and greet location. Fortunately the monorail blocks most of the view unless you head back further, which works well.

For example, this is the Spaceship Earth view from this point.

And here’s Guardians, zoomed-in pretty far.

Not much of an issue at The Land. This image is taken from the top of the ramp into the pavilion and you can BARELY see the building with all of the foliage blocking the view.

See it? Barely, and this is zoomed-in.

You can’t see the building from The Seas, thankfully.

Moral of the story? Epcot was built with pavilions in mind. These pavilions housed attractions and exhibits, but were also a part of the show. There wasn’t a need to hide a Future World pavilion show building because it was part of the Epcot experience. Masking the show building with a coat of ‘go away green’ or the ‘soarin blue’ color won’t erase the problem, it creates further mistrust with the original Epcot pavilion idea. I hope Disney looks at the gigantic show building and decides to theme it futuristic, with a unique architecture style that would play homage to Future World of old. There’s still a lot of work left, stay tuned to WDWNT as we continue to bring you construction coverage of the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster at Epcot.

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    • Given EPCOT’s stagnating attendance numbers, this attraction is FOR the customers and shareholders alike! People like to idealize EPCOT and pretend it was more than it was. With information being at the touch of one’s fingers (due to the internet) and the pavilion sponsorship model broken (due to targeted marketing, also made possible by the internet), change was inevitable.

      • Totally agree Billy. The original model and theory behind Future World could never be sustained. Obviously on a smaller scale, it’s like buying the new iPhone. It’s obsolete within 1 year. The theory and model had to change.

  • Epcot was my go-to park. Nice relaxing no screaming coaster crowd. Take in the sites go on rides where you are entertained and maybe learn abit. Disney has definitely lost itself. It’s all meet and greets and gift shops and are not even promoting the main mouse .

  • The critique iver thw improvements to the park are a bit much. Mind you Magic Kingdom was half done when it was opened. MGM at the time was also under construction. Honestly buildings aren’t put up by pixie dust. Everyone knows that the developers could not keep up with future technology, and corporate sponsorship fell off the map. Put it into context, this is the best thing that could have happened to Epcot. It falls in line with all the Space and Transporation themes on that side of the park. And there were going to be construction walls and frames REGARDLESS.

  • I hope they do something more architectural with this since it is seen from all over the park. All the Future World Pavilions have a unique look that sets them apart. Building a box and sticking themed decoration on it is not what a company known for its high-quality, magical, innovative, inspirational, creative, conceptual, unique, brilliant, intelligent, etc does. It is what a company like Six Flags puts out. The exterior of an attraction should be just as interesting as the attraction inside. Why? So when Guests are in the Park and they see it and it makes them want to explore it. This is what happens when it doesn’t look like effort was put into the exterior. “What is that? Looks like a Guardians thing. I like Guardians but line is too long. I’m not waiting in line for 2 hours to get on a ride that lasts 3 minutes meh” When you make the exterior interesting then people want to see all of it as part of the experience. The queue is part of the attraction. Thats why its called an “ATTRACTION” Toy Story land is nothing that hasn’t been done before. It feels like Hollywood Studios version of Chester and Hester’s and not worth the cost for the average family to go to Disney to experience. Using Disney and other characters and forcing them onto mediocre attractions and trying to alter the attraction to bridge the gap seems cheap as well. Pixar Pier for example. When can we get more attractions that can stand alone on their own without needing to use a popular character to get people to go experience? There should be some unfamiliarity and intrigue and curiosity involved in the experience vs predictable familiar expected thing. Star Wars area I have some hope for however. The stakes are high with that one and they can’t miss the mark for this franchise. Exceed our expectations again.

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