PHOTOS, REVIEW: Art of Animation Adds Alcoholic Frozen Coke Machine at The Drop Off Pool Bar

The Art of Animation Resort is classified as a value resort, but with suites that can accommodate up to six adults comfortably. With this additional capacity and comes a higher cost of a standard room and thus, more amenities at the resort. One of these luxuries is a well-stocked pool bar, named The Drop Off. It’s located right outside of the main lobby at The Big Blue Pool. Catching the Finding Nemo vibes? You should be, it’s all themed around the hit Pixar film. We found ourselves wandering around Art of Animation before getting a bite to eat and checked out the popular spot.

Frozen Jack & Coke? Frozen Bacardi Rum & Coke? There’s absolutely a frozen Coke slushy machine, but we didn’t expect it to be equipped with alcohol.

You’re seeing that correct: An alcoholic Coke slushy machine. Unlike other locations that will just add a shot of your favorite booze to a Coke slushy, this one pours the alcohol WITH the slush, making for a perfectly mixed concoction. Now that’s progress!

Your choice with either Jack Daniels whiskey or Bacardi rum. We went with the whiskey.

Perfectly blended, as all things should be.

In reality, a $10 mixed drink isn’t horrible for Disney prices, and getting something that’s guaranteed to be mixed and poured correctly is a huge win. We’ve seen this type of slush machine before at the IAAPA attractions conference the past few years, but failed to see an idea where alcohol was involved. Overall it’s a win-win for everyone: The bartenders can supply quicker, better drinks and the consumer can enjoy a quality beverage that much faster. It’s decently strong, and at least tastes like you’re drinking something alcoholic. Recommended, especially on the hot summer days. Will you be checking out the alcoholic slushy machine on your next stay at Art of Animation?

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