PSA: How To Properly Get WDW News Today Content on Facebook; Follow on Instagram, Apple News, and Google News

In recent days and even weeks, we’ve received a handful of emails from followers stating that they were not getting any of our content on Facebook. So we checked and noticed that our content was being posted but wasn’t getting to all the people that wanted it. Facebook is constantly changing their algorithm and when they do that, it throws content into disarray for us who share it through the network.

We wanted to share with you a few tips to make sure you’re getting the latest WDW News Today content on your Facebook feed and show you all the great new ways you can follow WDWNT and get news even if you’re not a fan of Facebook.

Getting WDWNT Content on Facebook Correctly

When you visit our Facebook page (click here to go to it), you want to make sure you Like our page (we hope you do). Next to the Like button, there’s a Follow/Following button you want to hover over and click. Upon clicking it, make sure you are Following and where it says In Your News Feed, we recommend clicking See First to ensure you definitely get our content regardless of what Facebook changes in the future. You can see the option in the graphic below if you’re unsure of where to go.

Preferred Facebook Page Settings

Alternative Ways To Get WDWNT Content

Facebook is far from the only way to get our content, obviously you can visit the website directly to get it but for many that isn’t the most ideal way to constantly check for new content. We’ve been building up our audience in many places and Instagram is one of the hottest ways to get not only beautiful photos, but the latest WDWNT news.

Connect on Instagram

If you’ve already got an Instagram account, follow us on there by visiting or searching for WDWNT. We’re almost at 10,000 followers on there and we’ve got some exciting stuff to give away once we get there.

Follow Along on Apple News and Google News

Everyone (welly mostly everyone) has a smartphone these days and both Apple and Google have their own ways of allowing users to get the latest content.

Tweet With Us

You can always go down the classic route of following our Twitter (@WDWNT) and getting news directly on your phone if you use the official Twitter app. You can go to our profile and click the Notification bell to get all our tweets directly to your phone via the app or SMS.

If there’s any other way you like to get your WDWNT news, please let us know in the comments below!


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2 years ago

be nice if all of your content would download instead of either blank space or a tiny back x where the picture should be.any help

Jose Castillo
2 years ago
Reply to  dusty

Where are you running into problems?

2 years ago

I use my feed reader and get it via rss. It is a far more reliable way of making sure I don’t miss anything than Facebook, Twitter, or even apple news.
I use Inoreader, if anyone is wondering about feed readers. I still miss bloglines and Google Reader, but it seems like a pretty good option.