REVIEW: Restaurantosaurus New Menu Items & Dino-Bash Cupcake are Worth Roaring About at Animal Kingdom

Restaurantosaurus is a quick service restaurant located in Dinoland U.S.A. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. This location is known for being a safer choice for picky eaters, offering classic American cuisine such as burgers and chicken nuggets. It’s been quite some time since we reviewed this location, and with Donald’s Dino-Bash recently starting we felt it a great chance to stop by and see our favorite archaeologists.


Bacon Cheeseburger Combo – Bacon Cheeseburger and French fries served with a warm caramel chocolate brownie and fountain beverage – $15.99

Alone the bacon cheeseburger is $13.29, a fountain drink is $3.29, and the warm caramel chocolate brownie is $4.99. Together that’s $21.57, making the $15.99 for the combo an incredible deal. The burger is your standard Disney quick service burger, nothing special except the cheese was placed below the burger. We thought this was weird at first but then realized this allows you to lift the bun and apply toppings from the massive condiments bar. Genius, really, but what else would you except from paleontologists? We’ll talk about the warm caramel chocolate brownie down below.


Black Bean Burger – Spicy Southwestern-flavored Patty on a Toasted Bun with Provolone and House-made Avocado Spread served with French Fries – $12.49

Don’t be alarmed with how dark the burger is; it’s not burned just naturally very dark. Honestly, this one is really good. Unexpectedly good, in fact. Again, the cheese is below the patty to allow condiments on top. The avocado spread had a nice fresh flavor to it, almost like a guacamole minus the tomatoes and way creamier. There’s a nice outer layer on the black bean burger giving a good firmness to each bite. Everything works well together and we absolutely recommend this unique entree.


Battered Fish – Battered Fish served with French Fries – $10.99

These fish fillets were fried well with a great crunchy exterior, but not overdone to the point where the fish was inedible. In fact, it was quite flaky and enjoyable. You get three large pieces of fish and a large helping of French fries. They’re quite good and not a bad deal for the price.


Warm Caramel Chocolate Brownie – $4.99

Warm because they’re prepared in large batches and left to sit under a heat lamp until ordered, not because it’s actually heated like a lava cake. With that being said, the brownie was dense and had a subtle caramel flavor. You can’t go wrong with the cheeseburger combo where this is basically included for free.


Donald’s Dino-Bash Cupcake – Yellow Cake filled with Lemon-flavored White-Chocolate Mousse, topped with Buttercream, Crispy Pearls and a Red Fondant Bow – $5.99

This cupcake is brand new for the Donald’s Dino-Bash event. We were pleasantly surprised with the cupcake being served chilled, and it made for some refreshing forkfuls. There’s nothing crazy going on with this one; it’s pretty par for the course as cupcakes go, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Recently Disney has gone a little haywire with “how insane can we make this cupcake” (looking at you, unicorn cupcake) and this one feels classic and just easy to eat. Word of warning: The red bow is literally unflavored fondant. Don’t eat it. We did the science for you and ate it, and we can absolutely say don’t eat the bow. Go ahead and eat everything else, because the yellow decorations are really great, but avoid the bow. Seriously.

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