REVIEW: Tiki Room Celebration Treat Debuts at the Magic Kingdom

In celebration of th 55th anniversary of The Enchanted Tiki Room, Disney World has not only released a brand new Funko POP, but also a treat at Sunshine Tree Terrace for $6.49 this weekend only.

Described as a fluffy donut topped with strawberry sauce, orange soft serve, and fruity cereal, this is one sweet treat and might be too much of a good thing for some.

Overall the flavor blended well together, but much of that is dependent on the ice cream flavor you choose. The vanilla/citrus swirl gave an interesting combination of taste while the fruity cereal provided some nice crunch. The donut was chewy and soaked up the melted ice cream well.

Though none of these elements would really work by themselves, except for the ice cream, combined they provide a sweet rush that could make the birds sing words (if not crash into a sugar coma later).

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2 years ago

I was really hoping for chicken nuggets served in a commemorative Tiki room shaped comtainer.

2 years ago

Really?! How dare you disrespect the Tiki Room with this cheap cereal trash…we can do better here, Disney.
Respect your own history!