REVIEW: What’s a Watcho? Lunch at the New Rix Sports Bar and Grill Ceases to Impress at Coronado Springs

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Back in March we told you that the tequila lounge at Coronado Springs, Rix Lounge, was changing to become a table service restaurant. The location next door, Las Ventanas, closed in January so it’s natural for this location to alter their service to provide a more convention-style atmosphere. This location is able to be booked for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Lunch and dinner serve the same menu whereas breakfast is entirely different. We ventured over to Coronado Springs earlier this week to check out the changes and have lunch.

The new interior lost most of the comfy couches and replaced them with tables, also taking away the dark curtains and creating a very light and open atmosphere. Almost too bright.

They also added a LOT of TVs. There were already numerous TVs here, but now they’re trying to rival ESPN Club.

What’s a watcho? What’s a watcho with you! Or they can be waffle fry nachos. Yeah, maybe.

We assume the French Dip isn’t a salad. Great menu design.

$11 for a pint of Tampa Bay Reef Donkey. No thanks. Their beer prices for local Florida drafts are crazy. Go to Stargazers at Disney Springs for their $5 happy hour (4-7 weekdays) and get drafts there.

We’re done with Micheladas after doing roughly 827 reviews on them for DCA Food & Wine. Never again.


10 Boneless Wings in Asian Sesame Sauce – $12.00

Already not a stellar price, but doable by Disney standards. We recently lost the ESPN Club dingers and hoped these would suffice. They didn’t. These are very basic, have a heavy breading, and just boring even though we picked what we imagined the most exciting sauce. You can do better… not here.


Lobster Sliders – $18.00

Three sliders with a fresh, cold lobster salad stuffed-in. We’ve had a myriad of lobster rolls thrown at us throughout the years from Columbia Harbor house, and we’d rather take another one from there than these again. While they weren’t necessarily bad, they’re not worth $6/roll. There’s more filler than lobster in the salad mixture and a pungent onion flavor that permeated the entire mixture. At least they’re easy to share (you can have mine, too).


Watchos – Crispy waffle fries, queso blanco, bacon, scallions – $12.00

These were a thing. While the name ‘watchos’ makes you anticipate a version of nachos, but over waffle fries, that’s not exactly what was presented. This dish is literally just loaded fries, and Splitsville does it better. The fries are okay on their own, but once you start to find the glops of queso below that are filled with pepper your mind will change. There’s a lot of bacon, unfortunately it’s not crispy and rather mushy, almost not fully cooked. There’s a lot going on here, and we have some unflattering pictures of the end result that we’re just not going to show you. Oh, maybe you want to see. Just one? Okay…



We didn’t even get to entrees and the place is a disaster. Surely the convention crowd will enjoy this boring food and overpriced booze, after all: they’re not paying for their food, their company is. We can’t imagine this place being popular with the leisure guests at the resort or anyone looking for a solid meal. If you want to watch a sporting event, ESPN Club at Boardwalk has better service, viewing, and food. Try there, and check out our recent review here.