Disney is Developing a Flexible Speaker That Can Be Hidden in Themed Objects in Parks

A recent patent filing shows that Disney is developing speakers that can be hidden in a variety of objects. Typical speakers are rigid and have a fixed size and shape that limits the possible theming of the speaker. The new kind of speaker developed by Disney is flexible so that it can be placed in a variety of locations. For example, the patent shows the speaker embedded in a table or bent to be fitted into a curved portion of a wall.


To achieve this radical redesign of speakers, Disney is researching electrostatic loudspeaker technology (ESL). This technology was extensively researched in the early to mid 20th century but as of today, ESL technology still isn’t widely used due to restrictions with the technology.

You can read more about electrostatic loudspeaker technology here, but what you need to know is that current marketed ESL’s are much thinner than a traditional speaker. Disney’s patent will take this technology and build it into objects in a themed environment for greater immersion.


Based on the timing of the patent and the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, it makes sense that we could see this technology in the new land. This technology would make it so that noise could come from anywhere in the land without visible speakers to help create greater immersion.



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2 years ago

looking forward to star war land . but my goodness it may take forever just to be able to squeeze my way into this remarkable area. thank goodness for MR. CORLESS & staff.