Disneyland Still Adding FastPass, MaxPass to Pirates of the Caribbean Next Month

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Slated to be added when Pirates of the Caribbean returned to the Disneyland Resort with the new auction scene on June 8th, 2018, the delayed addition of FastPass and MaxPass services will finally take place next month.

MaxPass readers installed, but not in use at Pirates of the Caribbean

While Pirates of the Caribbean has a pretty high capacity for guests, the queue has been strained in recent years and it is not abnormal to see it stretch through most of the waterfront area in New Orleans Square. The addition of FastPass and MaxPass will try to alleviate this issue, giving guests an opportunity to ride outside of waiting in the standby line.

In addition to the paper FastPass distribution (which we assume will be shared with the existing Haunted Mansion distribution area), it will offer MaxPass as well, allowing guests to book the ride reservations digitally on their phones via the Disneyland app.

The scheduled start date for MaxPass and FastPass at Pirates of the Caribbean is now August 7th.


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  • There are so many people complaining about this over on a different site, thinking it’ll make the wait times worse. I don’t see what the problem is – I think POTC has needed FP for years at DL, and for those who think it hurts the standby wait times just get the darn FP and you’ll wait less time. They need it for their Peter Pan ride, too.

    • People are complaining cause it is high traffic area

      But i agree all i see be like the same with any ride you scan and go. I dont see it increasing times

      • Definitely a high traffic area. There are times we can’t or won’t venture past the attraction towards the other stuff and just turn back towards the treehouse and go elsewhere. Not sure how they could make that queue flow better and not take up so much space outside.

  • How is we wants da redhead fastpass not a shirt? Does she only take the maxpass after the rum? I feel bad for that face character

  • If you don’t think it will “increase wait times” and make the queue longer then you don’t understand how FP works in the overall scheme. Standby wait times are increased by upwards of 50%. So with half as many people in the queue and FP in play, the wait time is the same as if there twice as many people in the queue with no FP.

    This is very easy to see with an example you can do yourself. Go stand in the the queue for Space Mountain (I choose SM because it is very noticeable for this queue). Make note of where you are in the queue and see how long it takes. Go do the same thing right at park closing. At closing, the FP queue closes so now only the main queue is used. You will see how quickly the line starts moving. It may say the wait time is 60 minutes but in reality you are through in half that time. That’s because the wait time was WITH FP.
    This is a great way to get rides on the attractions with really long waits on any day. Just get in line right at park closing. Radiator Springs Racers at DCA is another one where this becomes painfully evident.

    Also, for Pirates, they would have to cut out a portion of queue to be for the FastPass side, thus making the available queue to hold Stand-By guests that much smaller, and that will in turn make it so it flows outside the available queue (which is VERY small) and into the very clogged New Orleans Square area.

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