PHOTOS: Redesigned FastPass+ Touch Points Installed at Walt Disney World

Taking a note from the latest additions to Walt Disney World, other attractions are starting to install new flat touch points on their FastPass+ returns. You may recall that the touch points located in Pandora: The World of AVATAR are flat and don’t even have the Mickey head on them, they instead have the moon of Pandora along with the gas giant Polyphemus and another moon almost forming a Mickey Head. (That’s enough Pandora lore for today).

The touch points in Toy Story Land also don’t have Mickey Heads on them and are also flat, these are just plain blank though. We found newly installed flat touch points at numerous locations across Epcot. Take a look!

This marks the second time that Disney has decided to alter the FastPass+ returns. The last major modification was adding in a rotating light in low-light areas to better assist guests in finding the point.

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