REVIEW: Say Aloha to the New Stitch Cupcake at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

We love cupcakes. Yesterday a brand new iridescent cupcake became available at all All-Star Resorts, and a few days ago a brand new Stitch cupcake was introduced specifically at the Sports Resort. So why Stitch at All-Star Sports? Surf boarding of course. The “Surf’s Up” section of the resort is right behind the main lobby and a large part of the Lilo & Stitch story revolves around the Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride.

Stitch Cupcake – $5.99

There’s a huge amount of buttercream frosting on top adorned with two fondant Stitch ears. The cupcake is a basic yellow cake with a chocolate filling that doesn’t quite get down to the bottom. Overall it’s a really solid cupcake that looks great in pictures.

Make your way over to All-Star Sports soon to grab one, we hear that the surfing is choice.