Disney Will Not Theme The Massive Show Building for the Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster at Epcot

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Despite erroneous rumor reports around the internet, Disney is in no way planning to theme the massive show building for the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster being built at Epcot.

A recent picture from in front of the pavilion where the new show building is completely out of sight.

The rumor floating around claimed that the building that houses most of the roller coaster ride portion might be themed on its exterior to a Nova Corps facility, as seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. However, internal sources claim Disney is not worried about the sight-lines in the area as the building is only (mostly) visible from the parking lot or from across World Showcase.

The theme of Epcot is not quite as rich in story as say The Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Animal Kingdom where you re being transported to various real and fictitious locales. When you are in Future World at Epcot, you are in Future World at Epcot in story as well. This is why the idea of Peter Quill visiting Epcot in the 1980’s is a part of the story for this new attraction. This story even carries through in the current Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Live show at Epcot, where the Xandarians have decided Epcot is a good cultural epicenter for them to present the music of their planet to the people of Earth. This kind of “story” keeps Disney from having to hide many of the larger show buildings in Epcot, such as Soarin’, which has been visible from many spots in the park since it opened back in 2005. That being said, the Guardians of the Galaxy building is far taller and will probably get more attention from guests.

Concept art released last year. Sure, there will be more trees to the right of the building, but there won’t be another themed structure visible.

The concept art released last year will ring true and is the extent of the exterior theme we expect to see for this attraction when it opens in 2021. For an idea of what else to expect from the attraction, be sure to read our in-depth breakdown from a few months ago.



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  • As long as the Swan and Dolphin Hotels are visible, I don’t think the coaster building for GotG will be a serious issue.

  • With all of the different Disney news sites and forums, how can someone know which rumors to put faith in? Until Disney confirms in a formal statement that really is all it is, just rumor. Obviously the ones where people just make pictures in their basement aren’t trusted, but people have different sources from within Disney that can’t be named and say things at odds. Obviously sources can’t be identified by name, but having a little more detail to the source would be helpful.

    I just can’t believe how much animosity there is between sources. Sheesh. As long as something is correctly identified with a source, I’ll take it for what it is. No need for name calling.

  • At least the swan and dolphin have some architectural integrity and interest to them. They might not be too everyone’s taste (I actually like them, but hate the visual intrusion into world showcase). This big box will not have any. Another example of more Roy and less Walt.

    • Not fair to Roy. You need to read more about their dynamic. Roy still understood the method behind Walt’s madness and he understood that his role was to support Walt’s ideas by providing balance and making creative things come to fruition through business means… Not at all like the budget cuts and lack of consistency in theme and immersion that we are seeing now.

    • I also like the Swan and Dolphin buildings. They add some whimsical fun to Disney World.

      And unlike some others, when I’m in World Showcase I am very much aware that I’m in a theme park and not actually in those countries. The crybabies who complain that seeing those buildings off in the distance ruins the magic because there “off theme” are simply looking for something to complain about.

      If it bothers them so much, just go to the actual countries of France, Morocco, Japan, etc……….
      Or better yet, stay out of Epcot.
      It’s crowded enough.

  • This isn’t a big deal in my opinion. As long as there isn’t an issue with the sight lines while I’m standing in the park looking at the new attraction, I think this is fine. It’s impossible to hide (camouflage) everything.

    • Look at Canada from across the World Showcase Lagoon. You’ll see a giant arched show building painted blue.

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