REVIEW: Sprinkles’ Flaming Hot Cheetos Cupcake is One Stale Situation

Sprinkles at Disney Springs is at it again with a new signature dessert – the Flaming Hot Cheetos cupcake. Made with vanilla cake, the more savory elements come in the form of a creamy white cheddar frosting with Cheeto dust on top and larger bits packed in the middle.

A unique concept, a flaming hot cheetos cupcake certainly could work and, in many ways, Sprinkles makes an admirable attempt. The white cheddar frosting, for one, was balanced well, neither coming off too sweet or like Cheese Whiz, but one major factor holds the whole thing back from being something Chester Cheetah can be proud of.

Have you ever had a bag of chips you forgot to put away and they went stale over night? Sadly, that texture is the main ingredient here. Left on the display shelf until purchase, the cheetos have lost all their crispiness and, while that might not matter with the sprinkling on top, the problem becomes impossible to ignore when you bite into the filled center.

Though a Cheetos lover probably won’t pass this up no matter what, we recommend skipping this for the Smores cupcake we reviewed early this week.

Price: $5.25