REVIEW: Sprinkles New S’more Cupcake Is Worth Getting Fired Up About

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Most people really enjoy the taste of a good s’more by a campfire, but the process can be time consuming and, if not careful, a bit crispy. Sprinkles at Disney Springs has solved this with their limited run S’more Cupcake. The Belgian dark chocolate cake is lined with graham cracker and filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache. But the most unique element is the toasted marshmallow frosting which has the taste and texture of the real treat down pat.

The elements combined, this cupcake really does mimic a S’more and, if it has a downside, it’s maybe that. The marshmallow frosting will instantly stick to your hand with even the lightest of touch and the richness is stark. If you don’t like a good campfire s’more this will certainly not be for you and, if you do, maybe grab a few extra napkins on the way out the door.

Cost: 5.25 plus tax

Available: July 23rd, 2018 – August 12th, 2018



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  • So many food promotions….. Looks pretty plain, and at almost $6.00 with tax, I ponder who will be standing in line to get a tray full of them?? Dad can expect to pay out almost $40.00 for mom, the two kids, and himself if they get 4 sodas with that…. Kinda takes the fun of of it i think.

  • Just tried this last night and was not particularly impressed. The bitterness of the dark chocolate ganache did not mesh well with the saltiness of the graham cracker (which didn’t really taste like graham cracker to me). I’ve tried almost every one of their cupcakes at one time or another. The Sprinkle and Strawberry are still my favorite. Salty Caramel is close after that. The one redeeming characteristic of this was the S’mores marshmallow topping. It was good and gooey as described but unfortunately there wasn’t enough for a good topping to cupcake ratio. Fun for a photo op…but that was about it.

  • I like to pick up a box of cupcakes and then just take them home for a treat later. I had these a while back but I don’t think they had the graham cracker on the bottom. Frosting is great – pretty much a melted marsh mellow on the top!

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