REVIEW: Vivoli Gelateria Croissant Sundae at Disney Springs is a Heavy Summer Treat

Vivoli Gelateria at Disney Springs has worked up a unique way to enjoy their cold treat. The Open Faced Croissant Sundae allows you to top a freshly baked croissant with three gelato scoops and sauce of your choice along with whipped cream to seal the deal.

Your enjoyment of the dessert is someone determined of course by the gelato you choose. For this review, we enjoyed scoops of shredded coconut, chocolate hazelnut, and cannoli topped with chocolate sauce. The price comes in at $10, but that roughly equals the three scoop menu option combined with the price of the croissant by itself. In this way, it’s not necessarily a better deal all around, but neither is it overpriced.

While the elements combine well, overall the end result is rather heavy, especially on a hot summer day in Orlando. The croissant is good and flaky, but, when chilled by the ice cream, its butter leaves a coating in your mouth. It’s also quite messy work if you hope to pull off chunks of croissant for dipping in ice cream instead of waiting till the very end. You may attempt to cut through the pastry, but ask for a fork as the long handled spoons that come with the sundae can’t handle the task.

While the overall flavors of the gelato can do the trick to hold off the summer heat, the buttery croissant will weigh you down. Grab a medium cup of gelato instead and, if the croissant still sounds appealing, buy it on the side.

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