Blue Sky Suite Disneyland Hotel

Walt’s Romanticized Vision of Tomorrow Lives On in the Blue Sky Suite at the Disneyland Hotel

From a July 16, 2018 Disney Meetings Blog post, detailing the extraordinary new Disneyland Hotel Blue Sky Suite: “Attendees are encouraged to think above and beyond with this unique meeting space at the Disneyland Resort.” In truth, attendees will be hard pressed to think about anything beyond their extreme good fortune, and how they can never complain about their boss ever again.

Blue Sky Suite Disneyland Hotel

Sitting atop the already glorious Disneyland Hotel Fantasy Tower, and indeed taking up most of the top floor, the 3,000-square-foot palatial meeting mecca is truly an inspiration. Resplendent with authentic Disney concept art and historical renderings, Blue Sky Suite is as much retro Disney museum as meeting space. Fans of the Disneyland history, and the Disney story, especially in regard to Walt’s classic vision of the future, may have a difficult time maintaining focus.

Blue Sky Suite, Fantasy Tower Disneyland Hotel

Upon entering, guests are greeted by an entire southern wall constructed entirely of windows. Instantly the excess of signature Disney character commands one’s attention, competing rather effectively with what is otherwise an incomparable view. The carpeting, lighting fixtures, lattice-work, murals, and furniture concepts could be taken from any number of Tomorrowland and Future World attractions. The color scheme alone causes one to reflect upon the Disneyland PeopleMover, original Autopia vehicles, and Mark II Monorails.

With several full and charmingly appointed conference spaces, including a beautiful enclosed patio, which is itself framed by a massive classic Sleeping Beauty Castle depiction, the Blue Sky Suite is a bit of a dubious meeting facility. Whether standing in front of the wall of windows or an equally glorious and distracting Herbert Ryman creation, meeting administrators will be powerless to engage any attendant gathering. Unless the topic of your particular symposium is ‘Whatever Happened to Horizons Anyway?’ good luck holding anyone’s attention.

That said, anyone with the wherewithal to schedule a retreat here automatically elevates their business into rarefied and enviable air. “We hold meetings at Disneyland,” ought to be in the recruitment materials of those companies that do so. If you can also dangle the Blue Sky Suite out there, Jeff Bezos might come work for you.


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