Disney Is Having “UP! A Great Bird Adventure” Rewritten Due to Poor Guest Response to New Animal Kingdom Show

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UP! A Great Bird Adventure has been almost universally panned since it debuted back in April in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Many a guest has cringed from the painful dialogue between live actors and costumed characters as the talented winged cast members performed their various acts.

Disney has noted this and is now having the show rewritten to be funnier and more entertaining. Reportedly, a comedian from outside of the company is being brought in to fix the show. It is unclear when a revamped version of the show might debut, but work has begun to correct the issues and as well produce a nighttime version (as it will start getting darker earlier in the day soon enough).

Disney has yet to make any statement on the changes.

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    • Totally agree. I have not seen the new show, but didn’t think the original needed to be changed at all.

      • Me, too! Hated the new show and wished for the old one. Delighted to hear it’s going to be changed. Not going back until is.

  • Thank goodness, just a terrible show. Use a little imagination Disney and come up with a great show for us to enjoy.

  • Wait, are you saying that Disney, a theme Park and show “expert” that has been in the business for over 60 years, ould, or would, but out a show that is NOT “top notch”??

    Although I do recall a bunch of BAD reviews about the Rivers of Light….

    And I cannot stand sitting through that awful Frozen show….

    I have not seen the new bird show, but the old bird show was nothing great…

    Comparing it to the old Parrot Jungle from Coral Gables many years ago, folks like to see the birds perform stunts and tricks….

    The narrative is just something that goes along with it.

    It can be a nice show, but I agree, I do not want to hear a bunch of talk about nothing.

  • Having seen the show twice now it’s apparent the dialogue itself is not a major problem. they have bigger issues than that, because the birds seem to not do their tricks when Doug and Russell are on stage. That results in them bringing them on, and sending them off, numerous times to keep them off stage while the birds are doing their tricks. And I’m sure they’re well aware of that, and have been tweaking it all along. It was apparent they were having problems for weeks before it opened As they were doing dress rehearsals at 4 AM, out of public site. And this is a very fixable show. Glad they are looking at it again.

  • I wouldn’t say “truly awful” LOL. It was a “missed opportunity”. They took the lazy way out. It was like three different show ideas crammed into one. I like the host but I knew it would be Disney Junior-esque. It actually wasn’t hard to implement Russell and Dug. Instead it’s just a blatant “look! it’s Russell and Dug! and oh, we have some birds and oh, I’m the host who’s far more interesting but made to sound like she’s hosting a Playhouse Disney series”

  • I fully recognize entertaining kids is one of the primary goals throughout WDW, but this new show is trying way too hard to do so. Those awful costumed characters, particularly Dug, just make it uncomfortable for adults to watch. When put in space with a regular human and real wildlife, is just weird. The script is not very good. I thought the old show was informative, entertaining and still goofy enough to keep kids entertained and parents not squirming in their seats. It had been in place for a while and probably needed a refresh but they missed the mark.

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