Disney’s Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Series Will Be One of the Most Expensive TV Shows of All Time

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We have new details about the upcoming Star Wars series set to debut in 2019.

The upcoming intergalactic tv show is expected to cost $100 million for 10 episodes, or $10 million an episode. Comparing the price tag to other TV shows, the most recent season of Game of Thrones also cost $10 million an episode. Disney is surely banking on the show to help drive customers to try their new streaming service when it debuts.

This will be Disney’s first response to Solo, which bombed in theaters, so quality is key for this series. Also, Episode IX comes out in late 2019, so Disney will not want the series to damage excitement for that film.

This live-action show, directed by Jon Favreau, is set seven years after Return of the Jedi. The series is expected to debut with Disney’s streaming service in 2019.


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  • They apparently can’t make “fans” happy with films that are too much like the old movies, films that are too different from the old movies, or films with fan-favorite characters pulling off an exciting heist, so at this point, they’re better off not trying to please “fans”. I’m intrigued with what Favreau will come up with.

  • I hope they decide male Star Wars fans are not the enemy. They can put in as many females characters as they want, but females viewers will not materialize. It’s time for a male hero after the irritating The Last Jedi. Sure, Solo was the blowback. I didn’t want to support anymore Star Wars after watching the horrible The Last Jedi. It should be called The Last Dollar.

    • It might surprise you (being a bitter, woman-hating fake fan), but lots of male viewers thought The Last Jedi was one of the best Star Wars films ever made, easily, and that its female leads are terrific characters. It’s people like you who are poisonous to the Star Wars films.

      • You again Fred? A bitter hater of reality. The Last Jedi so underperformed A Force Awakens that it isn’t close. Star Wars merchandising fell flat. They couldn’t move the Rose Tico figures. No one liked the death of Luke Skywalker so they are bringing him back.

        Go ahead, call me a fake fan. I suppose anyone that says they like The Last Jedi is quite fake.

      • Looking forward to the new TV series. Hopefully they learned to keep politics out of Star Wars. There are many problems with The Last Jedi that goes far beyond SJW stuff. I have no problem with strong female lead characters in fact one of the most disappointing parts of both Episodes VII and VIII was the total let down of the Captain Phasma character. They hyped her character up and knowing that Brienne of Tarth was going to be in Star Wars I was really looking forward to that but come on, her character was a joke in both movies, I mean she’s pretty much responsible for the destruction of the Star Killer Base….

        Also Rey, she looked promising enough in the beginning of TFA but having her being so good at everything makes her character completely uninteresting and turns her into a joke. A Mary Sue -if you would. That’s a shame!! It’s not me being some bigoted white privileged male that can only accept a lead that is a white male, no it’s just a shame!!

        I could go on and on about all the problems with the new trilogy. TFA was bad and not very innovative since they just rehashed almost all of the plot points in A New Hope but at least there was a little bit that The Last Jedi could build on but no, Rian trashed everything about TFA and completely wrecked Luke Skywalker—Luke Skywalker someone that didn’t want to Kill Darth Vader because he felt there was still some good in him but then he tries to kill his nephew in his sleep because he thinks that he might turn to the darkside??? OH COME ON, REALLY??

        Rey is perfect in every way so there’s no challenge for her to face. Apparently hyperspace can now be used as a weapon so all future space battles should be over in minutes –because why don’t they just build some small automated ships and launch one or two into hyperspace right in front of a star destroyer and watch it explode. RIDICULOUS!!! COMPLETELY AND UDDERLY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

        There’s nothing about Episode IX to look forward to….nothing….who cares about any of the characters now. Unless Luke wakes up before the opening crawl and realizes that The Last Jedi was just a bad dream :-)

        Also, I love Disney and was very excited when they bought Star Wars but what an incredible disappoint Episode VII and VIII were. TLJ was just mind numbingly stupid from start to finish with so many problems, plot holes and left winged politics. Just a shame.

        I enjoyed Rogue ONE, especially the character of Jen Erso and I thought SOLO was pretty good too so I am looking forward to the TV series I just hope they find a better creative team to do it. Also if they every get to actually making a new trilogy with the two guys who make GoT like was announced, that will be awesome. There are plenty of strong female characters in GoT but they also make sense to the plot and are not just stuck in there to serve someones single minded political agenda.

        • Rey misjudged Kylo big time and almost got herself and others killed. Not very perfect there. I’d say she still has plenty to learn.

    • A male hero like Luke Skywalker or Poe or Finn? They were the ones that ultimately saved the day in the Last Jedi.

      • I remember Rey and Kylo fighting the Praetorian guards together and feeling confused because since Soke is dead isn’t Kylo their new boss, isn’t he going to be signing their paychecks now?? I don’t know the part that Rey almost got killed by misjudging Kylo, must have happened during the time I fell asleep during this exciting movie.

        Also if I remember right Finn almost saved the day when he almost flew his flying thing into to battering ram thing but was stopped by Rose. I don’t know what else he did and as for Poe unless he was helping Rey levitate some of those 300 large rocks I must have missed where he helped save the day, which is quite possible since at that point I was trying very hard not to vomit in my popcorn bucket!!

    • This has got to be the funniest comment thread I’ve ever read on this site. Please keep it up guys, I want to see who can be the most pathetic!

  • Fred: You go away. You started it by calling me Bitter. Seems like you’re the bitter one. Go away. Stop responding to me. I’m not talking to you.

  • The new Star Wars series will do just fine if they keep Rian Johnson as far away from it as possible. Oh, and leave out the SJW crap too.

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