“Hook & Ladder Co.” and “Silver Dollar Six” Breakout Bands Set to Leave Disneyland Next Month

On September 18th, 2018, Disneyland will say goodbye to two of its “breakout bands”. These are bands that were founded by former members of the original Disneyland Band that play in various areas of the park. These are a byproduct of the cancellation of the original Disneyland Band back in 2015, which was replaced by the entirely new Disneyland Band group for the park’s 60th anniversary.

The Hook & Ladder Co. on Main Street U.S.A. perform at the firehouse at unadvertised times, often interacting with characters such as Chip & Dale or Cruella De Vil. They’re a nod to the early Walt Disney Studios band made up some of the Nine Old Men: the Firehouse Five Plus Two.

The Silver Dollar Six in Frontierland performs jazzy hits in the Golden Horseshoe, or out on the balcony of the establishment.

No replacements have been announced for either offering.

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3 years ago

Does every thing have to be 80 music

Scott Helberg
Scott Helberg
3 years ago

When the Disney company decided to abolish Walt Disney’s original concept of a hometown Main Street Band after 60 consecutive years of performances in favor of a ‘College style’ pep band it broke my heart. At least my old fellow band members were offered jobs in other musical endeavors and were able to maintain a gig at the park. Now the company is throwing these musicians to the wolves once again because they are being terminated. This is a sad way for this business to operate towards their musical performers. Shame on the Walt Disney Corporation. Walt would have never… Read more »

2 years ago

Man, what a huge bummer. I just recently got to know this band, and took some good footage of them, too. Good thing I did as now there won’t be any follow-up visits to listen to them play.