Man Dies In Freak Industrial Accident at Walt Disney World

A 61 year old man died after slipping into a vat at an energy facility located near Disney World.

From WESH:

A 61-year-old man died early Wednesday after an industrial accident near Walt Disney World, deputies said.
Officials with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the man slipped and fell into a vat at a Reedy Creek energy facility.
The man was emptying oil and grease byproduct from a semi-truck into a vat at the energy facility when the accident happened.
The other man tried to help, but the fumes were apparently too strong and the victim slipped further.

Source: WESH

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  1. Title reads “…at Walt Disney World” but it was actually NEAR Disney World. Are you auditioning for a job at CNN or the former newspaper NY Times?

    1. Hey I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you actually read the article that gives the address and then look it up on Google Maps. Go on I’ll wait….

      It is on Disney World Property, so it is at Disney World. You must be auditioning for a job at Fox News or the White House.

  2. s someone slip and fall into a Vat of toxic chemicals with vapors so strong that someone else can’t get near it? Is it and open Pitt?? Not walls around it or vertical rails so someone can slip and slip into it like standing at the side of a pool?? Something just does not makes sense. Terrible sorrowful event.

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