New Concept Art, Disney’s Revised Plans for the New Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim

Documents filed with the City of Anaheim show more renderings of the new Disneyland Hotel as well as specifics about its layout. The hotel will encompass 31 acres which were reclaimed from the western end of Downtown Disney, as well as the Disneyland Hotel Valet and Simba parking lots.

The 700 room hotel will have eight stories and will be spread across 4 distinct wings. In addition, the hotel will have 82,000 square feet of retail, dining, and entertainment space.

As you can see from the above photo, guests will be able to access the Downtown Disney monorail platform through the lobby of the hotel and ground level via Downtown Disney. In addition, many of the locations still open on the west side of Downtown Disney that remains open will stay that way after the hotel opens, like the Lego Store.

The third and seventh floor of the hotel will have a total of 17,000 square feet of retail, dining, and entertainment space. Namely the table service restaurant on the seventh floor, and a grill & bar by the pool on the third floor with more retail space. The remaining 65,000 square feet of retail, dining, and entertainment space will be on the ground floor and will be seen as an extension of Downtown Disney.

Other anecdotes from the documents include a pedestrian bridge that will connect the hotel lobby to the current monorail platform. The lobby of the hotel will be located on the third floor, which is considered the “main floor” of the hotel. The concierge lounge will be located in Wing 2 on the seventh floor as well.

The wings of the hotel will be situated as follows:

    • Wing 1: South of the Lobby
    • Wing 2: Northeast of the Lobby
    • Wing 3: North of the Lobby
    • Wing 4: Northwest of the Lobby
Revised concept art of the exterior, with some budget friendly changes. You can see the original art here.

A five-story, 2,194 space parking garage is also being proposed where the current Simba lot sits now, featuring 693 valet spaces on the basement and first level and 1,468 standard spaces located on levels 2 through 5.

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  1. Great report, Finn. Thanks!

    Does anyone know how the original Disneyland hotel got placed where it did — so far away from the Park?

    And why the original monorail stop didn’t go closer to the Disneyland hotel than a block away?

    It seems amazing that there’s been all this “extra” space there for all these many years.

    Thanks, David Schroeder

    1. The original hotel was connected to the monorail. The hotel was destroyed to make way for downtown disney which is why it is now so far away from the park.

      1. That’s incorrect. The original Disneyland Hotel is exactly where it was always at. The monorail station was next to the hotel shopping area before they were demolished for Downtown Disney. Disneyland Drive originally was in front of the monorail station, but it was moved below grade.

        1. The original entrance to Disneyland hotel was on West street which is now called DIsneyland drive. The monorail station and hotel lobby were connected. None of the towers of the Disneyland hotel are original.

          1. That’s incorrect. They never demolished the original towers. They were too cheap to do that. Everything surrounding the towers were changed except for the towers, which were rehabbed, not replaced.

  2. “third and seventh floor of the hotel will have a total of 17,000 square feet of retail, dining, and entertainment space”

    In All 4 hotel wings? Or just the main wing, which is wing…? Please clarify.

  3. Kevin is correct the Disneyland Hotel originally connected to the current Downtown Disney Monorail Station in it’s current location. The hotel used to sprawl with low level “garden room” structures and retail space all the way up to the monorail station which was adjacent to West Street which is now Disneyland Drive. I can personally attest to this as I rode the monorail into Disneyland from the Disneyland Hotel station many times. It is true the towers were not relocated…It’s all the other structures and their original pool that were either removed or relocated. This caused the entrance to the hotel to effectively move further away from the theme parks.

    But when the hotel was originall6 built it was right across the street from Disneyland so it was considered pretty close at the time.

    1. The hotel lobby was always quite a walking distance from the monorail station. It was beneath the first tower that was original and never relocated. Everything is exactly where it always were. I was there and employed in the company and spend many hours at Disneyland Hotel. Everything that Kevin said was false. Jason is slightly better to say other retail, the old pool, and additional rooms, (plus offices), were between the monorail station and the original towers made the distance seem closer. An illusion especially since Downtown Disney’s ESPN and Rain Forest Cafe already made the distance seem closer.

      1. JimQ fair point…Yes the lobby was always a long ways away but since the structures stretched so far toward West Street it mentally felt closer even if it was mostly just an illusion.

  4. Sorry JimQ, but Kevin & Jason are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I would also agree that your understanding has a lot of valid info, as well… it just seems a bit short-sighted: there is no way the current lobby could be the one & only/original because the Fantasy Tower (originally the Marina Tower) was not built until 1970.

    Wikipedia is a great (95% accurate) free resource for 1950’s & 60’s Hotel details to get you up to speed… and better yet, Don Ballard has created an incredible book and information resource.

    If you just want a quick reference for today’s DD and yesterday’s hotel, I can share this link that merges the two concepts:

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