Limited Release Plush Set - $49.99

PHOTOS: New Passholder Exclusive and Limited Release Haunted Mansion Items Unleashed at Magic Kingdom

It’s only August, but Halloween is gearing-up at Walt Disney World. Last week we showed you brand new Halloween merchandise including pins, a huge first wave and then even more Halloween goodies. There’s also been a GIGANTIC tide of Haunted Mansion Merchandise, you can view everything new right here. Today brings brand new Haunted Mansion items for Annual Passholders and an amazing Limited Release plush set. Check it out!

Limited Release Plush Set – $49.99

The plush set features the Hatbox Ghost and the iconic bat from the queue of the Haunted Mansion!

Annual Passholder Wooden Tray – $39.99
Annual Passholder Ladies Tank Top – $32.95
Annual Passholder T Shirt – $32.95

All items seen above can be found at Memento Mori, the Annual Passholder items can be found at the Emporium as well.

Will any of this be following you home?

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