REVIEW: Canada Adds an Alcoholic Drinkable Blueberry Pie Frozen Beverage at Epcot

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A brand new musical act has debuted at Epcot’s Canada Mill Stage. Blueberry Grass is performing numerous times throughout the week and they’re a really fun act. Disney has decided to celebrate their arrival with a drink themed to the band: The Blueberry Banjo Frosty. This frosty beverage is located at the Canada Beer Cart, right outside of the pavilion. Available with or without alcohol this frozen beverage is sure to cool anyone down on a hot Florida summer day. So how did it taste? Let’s find out.


Blueberry Banjo Frosty – Van Gogh Acai-Blueberry Vodka, White Cranberry Juice, and Blueberry Infusion – $11.00

It’s a weird one for sure. Think about blueberry pie. Yeah, the lovely dessert that’s freshly baked and has a great blueberry pie filling. Now take that filling and put it in a cup, cool it down, and top it with frozen cranberry juice. Can you taste how tart that would be? That’s exactly what this drink is and it’s ultimately just too darn tart. There’s blueberry pie filling in the bottom, thus the thick straw to help bring it up. The great dark purple color to the drink is one of the redeeming qualities: it looks great against the Canada backgrounds for pictures. We didn’t taste much alcohol, which is often the case when things are served with and without the shot. Disney will mix-in the shot after the beverage is poured resulting in the alcohol being lost somewhere in the ether. The Canada beer cart has much better options for a summer day, including some pretty decent draft beer choices. We recommend those over this limited time drink.