REVIEW: Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs Offers Affordable Dining That Somehow Doesn’t Disappoint

Chicken Guy! is the long-awaited Planet Hollywood quick service location at Disney Springs. This restaurant is located adjacent to Planet Hollywood and next to the Coca-Cola Store. Being dubbed as ‘the boss of sauce,’ celebrity chef Guy Fieri has concocted 22 sauces and endless amounts of fried chicken with which to enjoy the sauces. We warily ventured to Flavortown, and left town impressed.

Let’s talk about the sauces first. Here’s the list of ALL TWENTY-TWO SAUCES.


Signature Sauces

We tried about 10 of the sauces and loved everything we tried. The Nashville Hot Honey is the perfect blend of flavor and spice, it’s amazing. If you just want spice go for the mango habanero. Guy Fieri sauces such as Donkey Sauce and Special Sauce are unique and fun, ask for a few!

Guy! Favorites

  1. Special Sauce
  2. Donkey Sauce
  3. Chipotle Ranch
  4. Ranchero
  5. Curry Mayo
  6. Wasabi Honey
  7. Cumin Lime Mojo

The Classics

  1. Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ
  2. Buffalo
  3. Bleu Cheese
  4. Buttermilk Ranch
  5. Lemon Pepper
  6. Honey Mustard
  7. Teriyaki
  8. Garlic Parmesan
  9. Sweet ‘N’ Sour
  10. Avocado Crema

Hot ‘N’ Spicy

  1. Nashville Hot Honey
  2. Peri Peri
  3. Habanero Hot Sauce
  4. Spicy Mayo
  5. Sweet Sriracha BBQ

Oh, and there’s a SAUCE SLINGER that walks around and fills up your sauces. It’s pretty amazing.

The cups and boxes are themed and branded, very nice!


Fried Pickle Chips ($2.99) – buttermilk ranch sauce

Crispy, a good spice, and a great price point for a good portion of fried pickle chips. Recommended!


Mac Daddy Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($3.99)

It’s skippable; the most boring of all the sides we had. It’s cheesy but really monotone, and so doesn’t really fit with the other entrees or sides.


Loaded Fries ($7.99) – smothered in SMC (super melty cheese), chopped grilled chicken, bacon & green onions

These are a gigantic portion for the price. There’s a load of cheese all throughout the fries and they’re topped with sliced grilled chicken, bacon, and scallions. Don’t get these as your entree, but they’re a great option to split a large order of fries among a group.


The Sauce Boss ($5.99) – LTOP plus your choice of any two signature sauces

Let’s begin with a reoccurring problem: the excess of lettuce. We know this is a Guy Fieri staple but it really overpowers the sandwich. We said this about the knuckle sandwiches at Planet Hollywood as well. The chicken, bun, and sauce are good, but the problem is the abundance of lettuce. This makes us lean towards the chicken tenders instead of any sandwich, for the most part.


Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ ($6.99) – pepper jack, bourbon brown sugar, BBQ sauce, special sauce, slaw, pickles & BBQ kettle chips

Our favorite of the sandwiches by far, probably because it had the right amount of toppings. The sauce is spectacular and works well with the perfect amount of slaw. If you’re going to bother getting a sandwich we recommend this one.


Southwestern ($6.99) – pepper jack, special sauce, avocado cream, cumin lime mojo, charred corn, roasted peppers, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes & crispy tortilla strips

EVEN MORE LETTUCE! It overpowers everything. There are so many more ingredients in here besides chicken and lettuce, but unfortunately you can’t taste or even get to them over Mt. Lettuce. Skip…

Three Tenders ($5.99) – three tenders plus your choice of any two signature sauces

The chicken is excellent. Well breaded, hand-pounded every morning, and has a great seasoning blend on top. We upgraded to a combo which included a side of fries and a drink, well worth the cost. The fries also have the same awesome seasoning on top and are cooked to a great crisp. The tenders are the real winner of the location. They’re good, crispy, tasty, and just plain spectacular. You can’t beat the price point and flavor profile, this truly brings us to Flavortown. There’s twenty-two sauces to choose from, everyone will find their flavor and enjoy the tenders


Cinnamon Apple ($4.99) – hand-spun vanilla soft serve, Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Apple Jacks cereal & fresh whipped cream

It’s a good milkshake. Basically it’s an Apple Jacks cereal milkshake. It’s very enjoyable, but doesn’t hold a candle to..


Triple Double Mint ($4.99) – hand-spun mint chocolate soft serve, crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate mints, chocolate syrup & fresh whipped cream

It’s a mint paradise, whether you like mint or not. Our own Tom Corless hates mint and really enjoyed this one. It’s the perfect blend of science and technology, ermmm mint and chocolate that works oh so well. We’re obsessed.



Chicken Guy! surprisingly delivers on flavor, price, and speedy service. Despite being the first guests ever, we had our food in under 3 minutes, a Walt Disney World quick-service record!

It’s a great counter service offering and an awesome addition to the ever-growing lineup of Disney Springs restaurants. It’s perfect for a short stop before a movie or getting a bite to go before heading back to your car.

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2 years ago

Do they accept the Dining Plan? Although it may not be a good financial choice to use a QS credit here as their price points are great, we always have an abundance of QS credits so would probably use one or 2 here.

2 years ago

Did you ever consider just removing some of the lettuce?

2 years ago
Reply to  R

It was glued on with donkey sauce