REVIEW: Not-So-Poison Apple Cupcake at Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom

Halloween is here early this year! And there’s a slew of new treats to be had including a bunch of new ones located across property at the candy stores. We reviewed those and have a full review for you here. Today the ‘Not-So-Poison Apple Cupcake’ premiered at the Main Street Bakery and we braved the wicked witch to see how tasty this apple really is.

Not-So-Poison Apple Cupcake – $6.99

This is one impressive apple. It’s a red spiced jumbo apple cupcake with pecan crunch and buttercream. If the pictures don’t get the point across: this thing is HUGE. Easily enough for three to share, and there’s enough icing on top to make anyone happy. The cake itself is moist and has a great layer of pecan crunch between the cake and icing. Plus it takes a great picture! This cupcake will be available daily trough 10/31 for all your villainous needs.

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