PHOTOS, VIDEO: Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Adds Live Actors for Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom

The original Pirates of the Caribbean may have convinced guests it featured real pirates back in 1967 during the infancy of audio-animatronics, but now live actors are roaming the attraction during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom.

Guests will encounter living, breathing buccaneers who are in search of “Gunpowder Pete” populate the attraction. This offering is new for 2018.

There’s a live actor in the queue, in prison.

This pirate near the loading dock was offering a reward for Gunpowder Pete’s capture.

Annnnnd there he is, above the bridge near Bill (with the cats)

This offering is available only during event hours at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom, taking place select nights August 17th through October 31st, 2018.

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  1. Haloween … FROM aug 17th !!???
    How far, blunt commercial can it become …

    1. What’s Haloween? Is that the holiday for those who can’t spell or understand what’s really worth being upset about?

    2. exactly , its another ticketed event /money grab for disney. As much as I’m a Disney fan, this is just to early.

      1. Yeah they’ve really ruined the sanctity of the Halloween holiday.

        This site is full of weirdos.

  2. i always thought it would be cool to mix live actors with animontronics. i just thought it would be expensive

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